Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's new pussycat?

CATastrophe, that's what!

Pussycat, pussycat I love you~ yes I do.... but oy what a few weeks we've had!

I had been planning to do a cute little post bragging on my feline friends but that will have to wait... Though they are cute, right? Such posers! Katie on the left, Melly on the right.

A few months ago, I had promised to share better photos of my wedding dress. So I set it up on one of my double mint twins to photograph. The pictures were so flashed out that I never shared them... intended on taking more later.
Here they are in their ultra bright glaring glory~
If you're wondering what that rusty/chippy cabinet is... it's an old barber's cabinet!

Ignore my manniquin's bare derriere, I only tossed the pink apron on her so she wouldn't be completely nude!

A few weeks ago I went into my craft room and it hit me~ the strong offensive stench of cat pee. UGH! And it's oh-so-fun to have to sniff around to find just WHERE it is coming from. Well, it didn't take me long. The entire bottom of my wedding dress was soaked.

Now if you have had cats you probably know that they usually only pee outside of the litter box for a few reasons:

One, the box isn't clean enough to suit them.
Two, they don't like the litter you're using.
Three, they don't like to share with other cats.
Four, a urinary tract infection.

My cats get UTI's frequently. They eat the special urinary tract food, and I bought them a drinking fountain, (which helped immensely with my other cat!!)... but they still get them.
I could see a tinge of blood in the mess, so I knew right away what it was. Miss Melly is the sick one this time. She just had a UTI in Oct. so I'm thinking that the antibiotics didn't fully kill the infection at that time.

So it's been a ball shoving pills down a cat's throat for two weeks; I actually request pills over the liquid because they sling that all over the place! She is the sweetest cat, and I think she really understands when we are trying to help her. She is the one who would've died had I not brought her home from the pet store with her sister as kittens. She could not stand up on her own she was so sick~ she had a 106 temp! The vet said it was just a virus~
I think she knows I saved her.

Anyhoo.... back to the dress. First of all, I don't trust dry cleaners with anything vintage or sentimental. That was not an option. Besides, I'd be too embarassed to take in a pee soaked item!
The dress had never been cleaned since our wedding day. The bottom of course was black. I had intended on wearing it for Halloween once, so I didn't want to have to clean it till after that. And boy, was I dreading it!!

It's made of panne velvet and corduroy, easy to clean actually.

Just incredibly cumbersome!

This dress weighs a TON as it is, but soaking wet I could barely manage it in the tub. It took days of soaking and squishing and rinsing and repeating.... I drapped it across the jacuzzi tub to dry a bit, then finally hung it (on two hangers!) to dry the rest of the way.

Here it is going in... EEEK!

Sorry, that's Katies cat butt you see there...

Hey! At least now you get to see all the fine details! No flash, woohoo!

I was SO excited when I found this chenille and satin rope trim, it brought everything together!

I admit, I was freaking out a bit at this point. Eww.
Just look at the BLACK bottom edge! Yikes.

All clean! I'll have to put it back on the dummy for you later. I threw the hoop away!

It came out beautifully. WHEW. The hook and eyes rusted a bit but that's an easy fix.

Monday, March 09, 2009

A Valentine wedding~

Congratulations to the happy newlyweds!
On Valentine's Day our friend Ku married his long time girlfriend, Kristin.
It was a gorgeous wedding! The bridesmaids wore classy black gowns with red sashes.

The tables at the reception were so pretty adorned with rose petals~ there were chopsticks for the guests and red fortune cookies, which I think were strawberry flavored!

Ku, Kristin, and their families took part in the traditional tea ceremony. I really enjoyed this.
Ku stated that if you dishonor your spouse you also dishonor your family.

Sorry for the crummy pics, but I didn't want to "intrude"~ I had to zoom in on this shot for you all.
Speaking of family, Ku's family has THE BEST hunan style chinese restaurant in-da-world! Their crab rangoon is to die for. We would go eat there and his mom would be making a batch of like 300.... yum.... I just wanted to take them all home!

Ok, so I totally LOVED the chopsticks. I knew as soon as I saw them I would keep them for my hair. There were many empty seats at our table so naturally I swiped some extras! Thank you Kristin and Ku, lol!

During the break between the wedding and reception, we did some shopping. We were at Whole Foods grocery store and I did some Bathroom Beauty Snapping for Sheila at Notesongs!
I totally got busted on this one, can you see me looking over to the side, (the door!) How embarassing. They must have thought I was nuts! It startled me, thus the blurry pic~
Besides, I wasn't in the Beauty Snapper "stance" in the first pic!

So anyway, this is what I wore and I had a major wardrobe malfunction. I had on a slip and my outfit was SO full of static! The slip kept riding all the way up and making a huge bulge. I tried wetting down the ensemble several times, only to have the same thing happen. I finally took off the slip at the reception, but then I couldn't get up to dance or anything because you could see through my dress....wahhh!

Just how does one use chopsticks in their hair? Well, I'm sure there are several tutorials on Youtube, but I did a quick one for you. It's rather dark but you get the idea... and you get another sneak peek at our bathroom redo! (Which I will be revealing soon, gee I might make you wait for the 1 year anniversary, lol!)

To see more of this dress, how I did my hair in pillow rollers... and one of my favorite posts, "Cherries Jubilee", click here and scroll down.

Now.... back to those fortune cookies! Surely you all know about adding "in bed" to the end of each fortune, right? Well, Kevin's "fortune" was a thank you from Kristin and Ku. Yah~ let's not go there, lol!

However, MY fortune was one of the best ever. At least in a romantic sense... because we've had some pretty funny ones over the years!

Ok, ready?


"Couples who love each other tell each other a thousand things without talking"...
(In bed.)


Saturday, March 07, 2009

Do you see what I see?

Finally~ spring is in the air! It's been hovering around 70 degrees here the last few days,
just beautiful!

I cannot wait to see our crabapple and pink dogwood trees bloom that we planted last year.

Hope to catch up with you all this week!