Saturday, June 19, 2010

Butterick 4790, only.... Not!!

Ok everyone... I've been dying to get this finished so I could show you, I'm SOOO excited and I think you all will be too!:D

Lookie what I found! And how easy it will be for all of you to adapt your 4790 dress patterns to make yourselve's one! :p
It's nice to just see another option for the neckline and some sort of sleeve!!
All the fun of the 4790, but with only about 2 yards of fabric and less time!

I had some scrap gingham laying around, and *barely* got the pieces cut out, in fact~ I had to piece a section together but it's in the back wrap part so you can't see.
By the way, I could not for the life of me judge the right/wrong side of this fabric!

The pattern is a 32 bust and I'm a 36. I don't know how to up-size patterns, this is only the second garment I've ever made from a pattern, the first being the actual 4790.... (you can see that here)

So, I decided I would just cut the pattern a half inch larger all around, and could always take it in.
It also stated no hem allowances and I wasn't sure what that meant!
Anyhoo, I wish I had just cut it out as it was, I think it would've fit just fine. I have to tie it pretty tight to fit me. I'm going to sew it together under the arms like I did the dress.

This blouse cost me less than $5 all together, I found the eyelet at a thrift store and had to buy two packs of bias tape.

And here's the finished product~