Saturday, August 28, 2010

A boudoir for all seasons~

Well my blogging friends, I think I have finally completed my all season bedding collection! I just picked up a set that I had been hunting for, it was in JC Penny's years ago for over $400. I had searched the bay off and on, but it still went to high for my frugal self! Finally, yesterday I went to haunt one of my favorite resale shops and as I pulled up I saw it!! It was on the sidewalk with many other sets. I had a 10% off coupon and snagged it for $26!

This will be my spring set me thinks~ but of course I'm putting it on the bed now just to see it! Nova and I went to the laundromat today to wash it up in the big ol' commercial sized washing machine~
He had never been to a laundromat and was quite impressed. It cost a whopping $7.75!!

Of course what he was more impressed with was the snack machine since it's like the one on "Over the Hedge", lol!

Ok, ok... so here's the set, it's called Lucerne~ Gorgeous buttercream background with floral swags and rose bouquets, with a crystal pleated bed skirt.
lucerne comforter
SO~ that's Lucerne for Spring. Here is my summer quilt, Lucy by Armoire. I found the shams at Home Goods a few years ago on clearance. Didn't really want the quilt.... Until it was no where to be found. Searched and searched and finally found the last one left on the planet. A lucky find as it was not listed by name, I just searched for shabby chic robbin's egg blue. And it was NOT cheap. I choked as I hit the "buy it now" button.
lucy armoire quilt
Will have to wait till next summer for pics of that on my bed!
Let's move on to my fall ensemble... which you've already seen in previous posts. The Ralph Lauren Chaps Welbourne~ shown with vintage pink taffeta shams and a round accent pillow that did not come with the set. This was at Kohl's and I searched the net trying to find it cheaper to no avail. I did land it on clearance tho, but it was still steep at 60% off!
Ah, my winter set. My first REAL bedding set ever! Kevin bought it for me for our first Christmas in this house. This is also from Penny's, Romance Tapestry. I don't like matchy-matchy, so I only wanted the shams and the comforter. I use a burgundy bed skirt and draps with it. So rich!
my romance tapestry comforter
I saw this set at the same resale shop last year for about $30 and it made me sick! I almost bought it for a backup, lol! Yes, I have a bedding fetish.

We recently bought some crown molding for a boudoir project, will post about it soon! Click
here to see the original "before" bedroom post, and feel free to click on the labels below to see more~

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Butterick 4790, only.... Not!!

Ok everyone... I've been dying to get this finished so I could show you, I'm SOOO excited and I think you all will be too!:D

Lookie what I found! And how easy it will be for all of you to adapt your 4790 dress patterns to make yourselve's one! :p
It's nice to just see another option for the neckline and some sort of sleeve!!
All the fun of the 4790, but with only about 2 yards of fabric and less time!

I had some scrap gingham laying around, and *barely* got the pieces cut out, in fact~ I had to piece a section together but it's in the back wrap part so you can't see.
By the way, I could not for the life of me judge the right/wrong side of this fabric!

The pattern is a 32 bust and I'm a 36. I don't know how to up-size patterns, this is only the second garment I've ever made from a pattern, the first being the actual 4790.... (you can see that here)

So, I decided I would just cut the pattern a half inch larger all around, and could always take it in.
It also stated no hem allowances and I wasn't sure what that meant!
Anyhoo, I wish I had just cut it out as it was, I think it would've fit just fine. I have to tie it pretty tight to fit me. I'm going to sew it together under the arms like I did the dress.

This blouse cost me less than $5 all together, I found the eyelet at a thrift store and had to buy two packs of bias tape.

And here's the finished product~

Friday, May 28, 2010

Pink Saturday, Episode Seventeen~

Welcome to Pink Saturday, hosted by Beverly at How Sweet The Sound.

This is a very special Pink Saturday, celebrating 2 years~

Congratulations Beverly and thank you for being such a gracious host!

Please visit her to enjoy all of the pink festivities!

Today I give you


I have rounded up some of my favorite things that have been stitched in pink,
many hand sewn.

Let's start in the dinning room.

First up, a hand crocheted table runner

Another runner on the buffet, this one factory made... (pink teapot bonus!!)

glancing to the table we find hand stitched applique placemats~complete with napkins and holders,

Moving on to La Boudoir~I pulled a bunch of things together, some from storage. All shown on top of a vintage bedspread and a 50's quilted taffeta pillow.

A sweet dresser scarf and hankie, along with a needlepoint pillow~

Two crocheted doilies and a vintage hooked chair pad~ I'm lucky to have the set of 4, squeee!

Ahhh... pink stitched garden flowers...

These purses could tell a story~

Can you imagine this gentleman courting the fair maiden with bouquets and then walking her home to her quaint little cottage?
A cross stitch rose apron with embroidered pillow cases~

And let's not forget... one of my all time fave finds...

this incredible vintage chenile embroidered applique bedding set! To see more about this awesome ensemble, visit La Boudoir.

Happy Memorial Day to all.

I thank our soldiers and verterans

for giving us all we have.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Peace and Quiet~

I've been enjoying some peace and quiet...
but I'm still around!
Such a beautiful snowfall today.
Just as you should stop and smell the roses, you should stop and watch the snow fall.

I have felt much too overwhelmed to blog lately. No time to visit, no time to load photos, no time to sit and wait for pages or pics to load. So I've actually been going to bed earlier than 1 or 2 AM. Or reading a book. Spending *real* time with my husband and son instead of *virtual* time blogging memories of them.
Just trying to get my priorities straight around here. But I will post and visit when I can. I do miss it so! I hope you all are well and hope to see you soon!