Sunday, November 30, 2008


We had our first snow a few weeks ago, but hardly any accumulation and it was more like sleet.


Everyone was all bundled up at our friend's annual Deer Hunting Camp party. This is their little farm house get away home near Hermann, MO. Here you see Nova near the fire, and Kevin in the center with his big fluffy hat.

Nova was so cute; he saw the sparks flying up from the fire and he called them orange stars~

Snug as a bug in a rug~ Not really, it was pretty cold and we went back inside!

Last night we got our first REAL snow... the sparkly diamond stuff!

Nova was so excited!

This morning he woke up and I heard him say, "SNOW! The snow is still here outside!" Then he rambled on about how Christmas and Santa were coming and that he would get his "black diesel" Thomas train.


Kevin was at work, but neither Nova nor I could hardly wait to finish breakfast and go out into the wintery wonderland~

This is the little meadow behind our home. This piece of land used to be part of our property, but the previous owners divided it before selling the house. : (
There's a creek that runs in that dip at the tree line~

This rustically charming old barn is our neighbor's.

Remember our cherry tree?



Such a wet and heavy snow~

My poor roses holding on for dear life...

Nova and his snow friend~

I was instructed on each detail, and told that we should go to the store to buy a carrot for his nose. Sorry son, I was not more snowman prepared.

He settled on a snow "hat", which he gave me a glop of snow for, lava rocks for eyes and buttons, and a broken clay pot for a mouth. He insisted Frosty have a broom, so I broke off a piece of our ornamental grass. Bad mommy... that's as good as it gets kid, lol! It seemed to placate him, so all is good!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Steamboat Arabia~

If you are fascinated with the Titanic, then you'd really like the tale of the Arabia. Though a major (and thankful) difference is that no one perished on this boat, except for a poor mule.

The Arabia was a steamboat that sunk in the Missouri River in the 1850's. It has been found all these years later, and dug up from the mud!

Many people were heading west, and the boat was loaded with 222 tons of goods for setting up general stores. Crates and barrels full of shoes, clothes, food, china, etc. were aboard.

After finding and digging up the Arabia, the owners of the museum have been able to display most of these items just as if you were walking into a general store back in time!
Just unbelievable!

Boy, I'd like to have some of those doorknobs!

Jars of canned fruit and veggies were still locked tight. If I recall correctly they did taste them, lol!

Are these buttons not adorable? When opening crate after crate, these buttons were found in the bottom of one. The cotton from which the clothing had been made had disintegrated.

I think it was over 6 years ago when we visited. We had gone to Kansas City to see my very first Titanic Exhibit!
French perfumes were also found on the Arabia, and I bought a reproduction scent that they named 1856. Only thing is, (anal as I am), the image that they used is not from that time period and it *really* bugs me! I would date this picture from the early 1900's, just before or around the Titanic period.

Please visit their website, and click on Museum Info. You'll be able to read the entire story, along with a video.

If you get a chance, you simply must visit the Arabia in person.
You'll see part of the boat, along with the tree that sank her.
I think they've added a lot more since we've been, it's time to go back!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Titanic~ The ship of dreams~

Are you ready to board Titanic?

~~~*Drum roll please*~~~

*These images and painting are copyrighted*

Isn't it fabulous!?

This wasn't a surprise; I knew my SIL Joyce was painting it. But still, I am blown away. She told me she was going to paint it for me long ago. We discussed how it should look, etc. I said I wanted the ship to be HUGE, and as if it were coming at me out of the canvas. I wanted a bright sky, not dreary or night time. I think she completely nailed it. I love the lighting on the funnels. The color of the water is gorgeous.

(The photo doesn't do it justice)

The red stripe at the bottom is the perfect shade.

It will hang in our stairwell upstairs. Joyce said after she finished it she raised her arms and said "I'm the king of the world!" WOOOHOO! I don't blame her, what a work of art, patience, time and love.

(Speaking of Somewhere in Time, see her sweatshirt? Joyce has been to the Grand Hotel and took pics of it for me!)

Joyce is an art teacher and has already begun to nurture the *budding artist* in Nova. It runs in the family as Kevin and Joyce's Great Grandpa painted. Nova loves to paint, perhaps he'll be next!

Just look at the detail!

There is a window in my stairway in the the back left if you're looking at the painting. The sun will stream in just enough to look like that is where the light source is coming from; hitting the ship just so~ it's perfect! You can click the picture to enlarge~
The steam and smoke, the lifeboats... the shading... wow.

Melly cat had to approve~
It will be hung higher and I want a shelf below to create a vignette.
Note: we are not finished with the staircase~ and the entire hallway decor upstairs will be inspired by the great ship's corridors and staterooms.

I played with pictures of the painting and turned it black and white. Joyce and I both gasped as it looks like an actual photo of the ship.

The Titanic has always fascinated me, so it wasn't just the movie Titanic with Kate and Leo that started my obsession. It just added fuel to the fire, BIG TIME. My dad and I have always talked about it, and there are many other movies and of course documentaries on the ship other than the Rose/Jack version.

Here are a few of my movies. I know I have more stuff I have taped somewhere. Joyce found some of these for me too!

This is a collection of books and such. I have a book from 1912, and an album with survivers telling their stories; both of which I have put in one of those "special" places that I can't remember where. I hope to find them soon.

This is the book that had the picture of the ship that I liked best, so that's what she went with.

Joyce obviously has a passion for Titanic as well. She also painted me this cool cherub~ inspired from the broken one off of the grand staircase. I love the gleaming metal look of it!xmas2005 089

We've gone to one of the exhibits together about three years ago in St. Louis, MO, and then to the Titanic museum in Branson, MO this summer. I've been to a few other exhibits, including one in Kansas City, MO. Kevin took me to the last Titanic dinner and to see the musical when we were first dating as a surprise. I already knew then he was a keeper, but that definitely sealed the deal, lol!

Joyce and I in St. Louis~
My SIL Joyce in 1st class hallway

Titanic doors
The dome pic featured on my banner~

titanic 007
Are you still here? Goody! Then I must show you a few of my costumes too!


Blurred Captain Smith and I'MyMe (Rose~Ha!) in tea gownI need to redo the sash soHPIM4168

And let's not forget my Rose doll collection!


OH, the necklace I'm wearing in the first pic while holding the painting is a replica of one brought up from the actual ship. This replica is much larger than the original.


So anyhoo... back to the star of the show here! JOYCE. I cannot thank you enough. Your hard work and talent is MUCH appreciated and I shall display this materpiece with great pride. Love and hugs to you!

I also want to thank all of you special blogging friends for being here to share my prize gift today! Big hugs to you all as well!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Take her to sea Mr. Murdoch

Look what came in the mail today~
A hand stamped card...

From my SIL Joyce!

What?? Titanic docking HERE? Oh my goodness!!
How exciting~I must pack!!

Here is a slide show of some of my favorite, exquisite vintage Edwardian garb. None of which I own. Too $pricey$ for me, but a girl can dream, eh? I just love the slim lines~ luscious fabrics, trim and lace....

(And shoes!!)

Stay tuned this weekend to see what Joyce has finished!!

This is a post I had already created when I found out Jan at Jan and Tom's Place was having a Somewhere In Time party. I love that film too, and I figured since Titanic was the same time frame, that those who love the costumes in SIT would enjoy this slideshow as well. And if you like dolls and Somewhere In Time, then you'll love my friend Ellen's page for sure. Ellen had the costumes from the movie recreated to fit her 16 inch dolls. Franklin Mint's Josephine makes a splendid Elise! Note that there is a page two to her SIT dolls~ and Richard is there in his brown striped suit!
Please visit Jan for more SIT fun!