Sunday, May 31, 2009

The metamorhposis of a porch~

*WARNING~this post totally lacks enthusiasm*
I wanted to participate in the Porch Party but my PC is acting up as usual and I am SO tired sitting here waiting for things to load. I didn't want anyone to click on a party-less post tho.... so here's whatcha get, lol!

Welcome to Rhondi's Porch Party, 2009!

If you'd like to view last year's post, click here. We are just getting our hanging baskets and such on the porch now, so I'd love it if you come back in a month or so and visit again!

But since you're here....I'll show you the furniture I painted on Saturday. Just like the white wicker I had, these were all found in the trash over the years.
This is our house back in 1972. I was fortunate to find some previous owners and they shared these photos with us! This was before the *cough* siding was put on.

Here's a photo from a few years ago before we painted the house, showing the white furniture. I kept the chair on the right, but the rest went to the curb and has already been picked up, yay! Oh, I kept that table too.

This shows the new paint job from last year~I wish the floor would've stayed glossy and fresh forever. First up, Brentwood rocker. Yep. It's filthy and nasty, but I have a thing for them. I can't even remember where I picked it up, hmm...
This table was in the dumpster behind my work~
My friend Kim picked up this curb side beauty for me and I have used it in my office for years. Time to refresh it tho. (Thanks again Kim!)
So here's the *new* furniture!

The mandevillas are just getting started as well~
I'm looking for new cusions; something french country or Mary Engelbeit inspired.
Wish me luck!

There's plenty of left over swirled orange and pink cheesecake cupcakes I made for my sister's bridal luncheon this past Saturday.... help yourself!

Note the missing cupcake...*snort*
I cut a rose that was past it's prime, but couldn't bare to just toss it so I scattered the petels here. This is a rose that we transplanted from my late Grandmother's garden this spring. I had no idea what color they were, so it's very exciting!

Enjoy the rest of your tour, I'm going to bed, lol! I shall visit y'all tomorrow~
Happy Birthday Rhondi! Thank you for being such a gracious host.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dinner in the diner, nothin' could be finer~

While in KC, we wanted to be sure to take Nova to Fritz's Railroad Resaurant. We had heard great things and it sounded like fun for all.

A train runs around a track above the tables and delivers your order. Too cool. It drops your tray as it goes on by, and your food comes down on a hydraulic system.
The original restaurant was started by Fritz and Virginia Kropf in 1954. Fritz invented the food delivery system in his basement, mainly because of the shortage of help at the time.

Call in your order... a waitress will bring your drinks.

Wooo-Wooo~ there goes an order!

This is our food comin' down! It was less than 5 minutes, unbelievable!

Paper engineer hats were given out. I couldn't get Nova to wear his fabric hat for his birthday party, but he wouldn't take this paper one off! Kids?!

I think that's one customer who will be back!

He would not let go of that hat for anything. It's not like he thought the wind would blow it off, we had parked in a garage. I know he was tired, but he looked so uncomfortable holding it... forEVER....

Here's a little video to see the train in motion! (You may want to scroll all the way down and pause the background music.)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Poor, poor pussycat~

I thought she was better, but she's not.

Poor Melly has gone back to the vet after finding blood in her urine once again. This time she got an x-ray, which shows she has a good size mass of kidney stones.

She got a shot and will get antibiotics for another 10 days. We'll feed her prescription food for at least 12 weeks, which is made to disolve the stones.

The doc has a good feeling that this will do the trick, and if not~ she will need surgery.

The surgery would cost close to a grand, so I really hope this special food gets rid of the stones! Not to mention the dinky little 4 pound bag costs $20.

Of course we'd do anything to help her, but geesh.... we ARE strapped for cash right now, as many of us are, eh?

Just be thinking of my sweetie, I'd appreciate it!
Meanwhile, I'm knee deep in my sister's wedding plans and other non-cyber things but I'll try to be in blogland when I can. I miss you all!