Monday, November 10, 2008

Gifts from cyberspace friends~

Hi folks! Today I'd like to share some special gifts from a few very special world wide web friends!

The most recent are these lovely doilies and hanky from Queenie
Queenie and I have a lot in common in the decor department!

She was the winner of my 100th post give away. In appreciation she surprised me with these beauties and a lovely note. (In a pink enevlope no less!)

I'm still working on decorating my bathroom, which is where most of these might go, or my craft room which isn't finished either. Little did she know I had been collecting a few pink and green doilies!

I was also bestowed with the Marie Antoinette blog award from Queenie! Thank you so much Christie!

Next is a Scarlett O'Hara ornament from Jaede.
Or should I say Marilyn Monroe?

She and I both love to collect vintage clothing.
Take a peek at her personalized stationary, isn't it adorable!?

Jaede and her husband recently bought a new (vintage) home in Vegas. A lovely ranch that they are trying to keep as original as possible. I want to share her PINK kitchen soon. They had pink and grey boomerang countertops special ordered!

While unpacking, she ran across this ornament and thought it needed to be with me~ I did not have this one and was very thankful to recieve her! I really appreciate it Jaede!

Since I didn't have a blog years ago, I want to include some gifts from Dee. I've told you before, she is my Gone With the Wind partner in crime~

Over the years she has been a doll and sent me quite a few things. Here is a Christmas stocking she made to resemble Scarlett's BBQ dress. I love the stripes inside! I was quite surprised to get it, and also this awesome GWTW pot that she decoupaged and put so much work in to.
This pot awaits some magnolias or something, not sure what. I eventually want to put it in my parlor when the room is finished. For now it's in my craft room.

This Scarlett ornie is also a gift from Dee. She made another very special gift when Nova was born, but I'm saving that for a future post~ tho it's actually been pictured here recently!

You can all give Dee a big thank you if you're enjoying my blog right now because when I first got online about 7 years ago, she was a HUGE help. She taught me to save pictures among many other simple tasks. I can't thank her enough!! Hugs Dee!

My deepest heartfelt thanks to all three BEAUTIFUL women.

Your friendship is the best gift of all!


Unknown said...

Hey Nikki! Great post! I love the stocking and the ornament! The pot will be perfect in a parlor! It's very glamorous.

I'm off to see the new blogs... (new to me that is)


PS. When I was in sixth grade we moved to Phoenix and rented a house that had the original pink gas range and pink and gray boomerang Formica-like counters! I hated it then. I was so embarrassed. Why oh why couldn't we have brown or avocado green like everyone else! : )

Melissa said...

What a nice way to thank your cyber friends. And how nice of them to send such nice things your way.

I love all your GWTW photos. It's one of my favorite movies. Sometimes I'll watch it and get lost inspecting the costumes and decor/props. I have a few movie related decorations myself, but not much.

Happy Monday!

Harbor Hon said...

I adore the dress Dee was wearing. How elegant! It's great that your blog friends have so much in common with you and send you pretty things. Nice job ladies! You are all blessed. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Wonderful gifts and post, Nikki!

Christie said...

Hey Nikki,
I love seeing the scarlett o'hara pretties you recieved and you are more than welcome for the things I sent...I am thrilled to know you can use them.

I appreciate you too! I hope we will be blog friends for years to come....I'll have to say that I have had a hard day in blogland today, and my post today isn't very uplifting, but I had to go there though and talk about it.


Life on the Edge said...

What lovely gifts! I am amazed at all the GWTW stuff that people come up with! That little stocking is adorable.


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Nikki! I loved this post! What great new treasures (and not so new). It's all fab!

Jaede said...

You are so welcome , I knew she had to be with you. You have such a lovely lot of things. xxx