Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Nephew!!

My nephew Kolby turned 5 on New Year's Day! I can't believe it! We didn't get to celebrate until last night; but for some reason I didn't think to take any pictures!? Ah... I know why, because while the boys were playing, my sister and I were busy looking for shoes for her wedding! Shoes....ahhhhh...
Err, ahem. Back to the star of the show here!

Here's the birthday boy next to his gingerbread house a few weeks ago. We were not together to do our houses and I just now realized that we both used candy canes on our roofs, ha! Kolby also starts a new preschool today and will go to kindergarten this year. WOW.

Have a great day at school buddy!

We love you!


Lallee said...

Happy Birthday, Kolby! I see a family resemblance for sure. What a sweet collage you put together of his pics.

Unknown said...

What a sweetie! Happy Birthday Kolby.

Christie said...

Happy Birthday Kolby...what a cute little boy you are!

Rue said...

Happy Birthday Kolby!!!!