Monday, February 16, 2009

Eeeeek! Dead mouse!

Some of you may remember my complaining about my mouse shortly after I started blogging. It wouldn't scroll any more.
I blamed it on my new blog viewing obsession~
scroll, scroll, scroll.

Yes, there are other ways to make your mouse scroll, but the wheelie button thingy was my favorite!

Being that my desk is against the wall, and it has a back on it with holes cut out just for cords, I was not looking forward to getting back there and switching mice!!

Alas, my mouse was getting worse. It would jump all over the page, wouldn't highlight things where I wanted it too, wouldn't roll across the page. Bad mousy!!

So finally, I blindly reached behind my tower left handed and unplugged the old mouse. I am right handed, and trying to put the new cord into the back of the computer without seeing it was extremely frustrating. Took forever! Goodness knows I didn't want to accidentally knock another cord out of whack!

After what seemed like an eternity, I got it! Woohoo....
happy scrolling days are here again!

Get it Melly and Katie, get it!!


Just Me said...

ROFL! Cats love a dead mouse!!! This was a cute post!

Harbor Hon said...

You are so funny! Loved the dead mouse story and the fact that the cats played along. :) xxoo

Joanne Kennedy said...

How funny! I thought it was a real mouse! So happy it was this kind of mouse.

I fear my little guy is also on his last legs. I'm getting the same thing going on as you described.

I have a cordless one so it's easier to work reaching behind to unplug.


{oc cottage} said...

Ohhhhhh, I see the's a Dell. We have those at work and I swear they are like a Daisy razor...meant for a short life & disposable! Good riddance to it!

M ^..^

Danette said...

I had so much trouble with my bad mousie, that my mother~in~law surprised me with a cordless one for Christmas. I can't tell you how much I love it!!!
Those cats are gorgeous by the way!

Christie said...

What a cute post...with the kitties investigating the dead mouse! LOL!
Hope you are having a great day with your new mouse. I know the feeling of trying to change out a dead mouse...or I should say... DH knows. He had to change out ours recently...and we have a roll-top desk too. It's a pain to do anything to the computer!
I'm glad you got a new will make being on the computer alot more fun!
Big hug,

Jaede said...

Of course I thought dead furry mouse and how did I not recall reading about it.........but it soon became clear, dead wheelie mouse, you are too funny xxx

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I got a good laugh from this post, leave it to you to come up with a creative way like this!