Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's new pussycat?

CATastrophe, that's what!

Pussycat, pussycat I love you~ yes I do.... but oy what a few weeks we've had!

I had been planning to do a cute little post bragging on my feline friends but that will have to wait... Though they are cute, right? Such posers! Katie on the left, Melly on the right.

A few months ago, I had promised to share better photos of my wedding dress. So I set it up on one of my double mint twins to photograph. The pictures were so flashed out that I never shared them... intended on taking more later.
Here they are in their ultra bright glaring glory~
If you're wondering what that rusty/chippy cabinet is... it's an old barber's cabinet!

Ignore my manniquin's bare derriere, I only tossed the pink apron on her so she wouldn't be completely nude!

A few weeks ago I went into my craft room and it hit me~ the strong offensive stench of cat pee. UGH! And it's oh-so-fun to have to sniff around to find just WHERE it is coming from. Well, it didn't take me long. The entire bottom of my wedding dress was soaked.

Now if you have had cats you probably know that they usually only pee outside of the litter box for a few reasons:

One, the box isn't clean enough to suit them.
Two, they don't like the litter you're using.
Three, they don't like to share with other cats.
Four, a urinary tract infection.

My cats get UTI's frequently. They eat the special urinary tract food, and I bought them a drinking fountain, (which helped immensely with my other cat!!)... but they still get them.
I could see a tinge of blood in the mess, so I knew right away what it was. Miss Melly is the sick one this time. She just had a UTI in Oct. so I'm thinking that the antibiotics didn't fully kill the infection at that time.

So it's been a ball shoving pills down a cat's throat for two weeks; I actually request pills over the liquid because they sling that all over the place! She is the sweetest cat, and I think she really understands when we are trying to help her. She is the one who would've died had I not brought her home from the pet store with her sister as kittens. She could not stand up on her own she was so sick~ she had a 106 temp! The vet said it was just a virus~
I think she knows I saved her.

Anyhoo.... back to the dress. First of all, I don't trust dry cleaners with anything vintage or sentimental. That was not an option. Besides, I'd be too embarassed to take in a pee soaked item!
The dress had never been cleaned since our wedding day. The bottom of course was black. I had intended on wearing it for Halloween once, so I didn't want to have to clean it till after that. And boy, was I dreading it!!

It's made of panne velvet and corduroy, easy to clean actually.

Just incredibly cumbersome!

This dress weighs a TON as it is, but soaking wet I could barely manage it in the tub. It took days of soaking and squishing and rinsing and repeating.... I drapped it across the jacuzzi tub to dry a bit, then finally hung it (on two hangers!) to dry the rest of the way.

Here it is going in... EEEK!

Sorry, that's Katies cat butt you see there...

Hey! At least now you get to see all the fine details! No flash, woohoo!

I was SO excited when I found this chenille and satin rope trim, it brought everything together!

I admit, I was freaking out a bit at this point. Eww.
Just look at the BLACK bottom edge! Yikes.

All clean! I'll have to put it back on the dummy for you later. I threw the hoop away!

It came out beautifully. WHEW. The hook and eyes rusted a bit but that's an easy fix.


Anonymous said...

Oh, no! So sorry for the mess and hard work. It's a true animal lover who is so understanding and patient through it all.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty dress, thank god you were able to save it. I hope your kitty feels better soon :)

Michelle said...

Such gorgeous dresses, Nikki!! Oh and I know what'cha mean with the kitties. You should checkout my recent posts...I have a new little one 6 months old and have gone through 4 days of her being in heat (and 3 nights of no sleep). She got taken to the doctor yesterday AND FIXED! We had her schedule for two weeks from now but I could not wait any longer..neither could my other cats. My oldest had a UTI recently...very frustrating so I know how you feel. :)

BombshellShocked said...

I am so glad that you were able to save the dress. It is absolutely beautiful.

Years ago, after being out of work for months, I was running out the door for my 1st day at a new job. At the last minute I realized I had to powder my nose one more time and threw my early 60's cherry red coat with the huge fox fur cuffs on the floor outside the door. When I emerged moments later, my dog had peed on it. I was so upset I threw it in the bin in the alley and did my best not to think of it ever again.

I am so glad your story had a happy ending!

Donell said...

Oh my gosh! I just looked at your beautiful wedding pictures yesterday. You must have felt sick when you saw the dress. But, we love, love, love our cats, right? I'm so relieved it worked out for you and the kitties.

Unknown said...

I'm with ya on the Dry Cleaners. Nothing ever really seems clean either when it comes from there....No all about the fabric before the garment is one of the benefits of handmade! It is such a beautiful dress and you saved it! Yay!

I hope Miss Melly Cat is feeling better soon! She is adorable! You really have to watch them... They get sick very quickly sometimes. We lost a kitty this Feb. :( I haven't posted about it but it was so sad.


Life on the Edge said...

Ugh, the joys of pet ownership! I read this two hours after cleaning up slimy dog poop up off the carpet in my hallway. Yuck!

So glad you were able to save your beautiful dress! Looks like it was such a chore to clean it, but worth the effort.


Justine said...

The dress truly is beautiful, and thank goodness you found the pee before it had dried. Once that happens it's nearly impossible to get the stink out.
Katie is sooooooo beautiful. She looks like she has a black booger running out of her nose! LOL

Justine :o )

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I would have been SO freaking out!! But we can't help but love those sweet kitties, and poor baby wasn't feeling well.....
I'm glad you were able to save your dress; it is GORGEOUS!

Amber said...

Your dress is gorgeous! Glad to see you were able to save it from your kitties!

Lori said...

Nikki, You did make me laugh, sorry, but yep, I know what you mean! I am so GLAD you got it out, poor girl YOU, poor kitty too! The gownis awesome as I said before! i too did my own gown, the bridal shop owner told me too and how, don't trust the cleaners. When the cleaners make you sign a statement their not liable I shy away. Glad things are smelling sweeter! My little devil was IN the box and her "P" was outside the box, go figure, lucky I caught it in time, hate the smell! Later,Lori

Unknown said...

Why have we not seen these little darling furballs before?

I'm so glad those beauties have such a wonderfully understanding cat mama! How wonderful that you understand why they might do something so dastardly to your beautiful wedding gown and how even MORE wonderful that you were able to get that horrible stench out of your treasured gown!
I hope your kitty gets better soon! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Nikki!

Just read my comment... I really need to start proof reading... I meant "Knowing" all about the fabric is one of the blah blah blah.... DUH! :)
Any who!
Thanks for participating in my giveaway... I'll pick the winner Friday and post it Saturday.
Have a great Sunday!

Lallee said...

Oh my gosh, were you in a panic? I'm glad this story has a happy ending. Whew! Is this bad cat week or something, because I'm about ready to box one up at my house and send him to you. You wouldn't notice a giant tabby in mix would you?

Christie said...

Hey Nikki!
Girl, thanks for coming by and seeing my backyard mess! I'm surprised you didn't just run off without even leaving a comment! LOL! Thanks for all you make blogging so much fun,...ya know that?!
Your kitties Katie, and Melly are so precious...just little dolls. I love kitties...
I almost gasped when you told where she'd done her business...poor you and poor kitty...I hope she's gonna be feeling better and that her UTI clears up for good this time. I bet you were so afraid that your beautiful dress would be ruined. I am so glad that it came clean and the stink it gone....thank goodness. I love the details of your dress, and the criss cross on the sides...heck I love everything about it!
You never fail to crack me up Nikki....that's just too cute that you used an apron cover up on your manequin....girl, you are too funny!
Hope you have a great week!
Big Hug,

Donna Lynn said...

I am so happy your dress cleaned up without ruining it! Those darn cats, my friend has two cats and they had been going in an unused bedroom and peeing on her beautiful aubusson rug, boy was she mad when she went in and about fell over with the smell of it all!

Your dress is amazing!

Donna Lynn

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I loved seeing close-up details of your beautiful wedding gown!


La Tea Dah said...

Did all the smell come out 100% Nikki? If not, place the gown in a small space that you can close up. Set a bowl of white vinegar on the floor near the gown and let it sit for a several days. Much of the smell will be absorbed by the vinegar and will 'purify' the gown.

Our kitties are naughty sometimes too.


A Southern Rose said...

I'm so glad that you were able to save your dress. It is so beautiful! Poor kitties, they ddn't mean to mess it up. Hope they are doing better now.

Unknown said...

Hey Miss Nikki!

There's a little sumthin
for you on my blog! :)


LTD said...

Wow, what a story, you sound so calm. Of course I guess when you wrote the story you knew that it came clean. Gorgeous, gorgeous dress


Danette said...

What a stunning wedding gown!
I'm so glad you were able to clean it on your own. You are much braver than I would have been!!!
I'm sure praying your sweet little Miss Melly is all better soon. It IS hard to poke pills down a cat's throat!!

Anonymous said...

What we don't go thru for those we love,including our pets.But they are all worth it,aren't they?...Ann

One Shabby Old House said...

Hi Nikki,
OMGosh I would have had a cow. So glad that everything turned out alright with the dress and hope your kitty is better.
Who makes your wonderful dresses. They are so pretty.
It was good to see you again.

Rue said...

OMG... I would have died. Are you okay?? I know you were close to being a former cat lover, don't even lie to me LOL I'm so glad the dress survived!

You need a ((hug)))

Maureen said...

Nikki, you have such an eye for beautiful things! It was fun catching up here! And aw, poor kitty!

That Crazy Ajumma said...

Nikki,thank you so very much for your condolence comment.My family and I really appreciated it.
Sorry to hear about the cats and your wedding dress.I have had similar incidents.Hubby says after these cats are gone,no more cats.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Nikki! My kitty, Muffin, also has to eat the special cat food as we almost lost him with a UTI before we realized how sick he was. He used to like to lay on my wedding gown train, but I shooed him away & now he leaves it alone. I'm praying that your gown is alright! BTW, I just recently started my GWTW x-stitch. Will send you pics soon...

Angelic Accents

~ Dee ~ said...

Well once again we have jinxed one another ughh, This happened a few years back to Scarlett's garnet gown as you know well girl yesterday I was in the GWTW room putting your new treasure up and Natalee came in to visit me, well I locked her in and did not know it all night and the velvet mourning gown has been wet on so here we go again guess I will spend my birthday washing a gown in the tub.