Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Poor, poor pussycat~

I thought she was better, but she's not.

Poor Melly has gone back to the vet after finding blood in her urine once again. This time she got an x-ray, which shows she has a good size mass of kidney stones.

She got a shot and will get antibiotics for another 10 days. We'll feed her prescription food for at least 12 weeks, which is made to disolve the stones.

The doc has a good feeling that this will do the trick, and if not~ she will need surgery.

The surgery would cost close to a grand, so I really hope this special food gets rid of the stones! Not to mention the dinky little 4 pound bag costs $20.

Of course we'd do anything to help her, but geesh.... we ARE strapped for cash right now, as many of us are, eh?

Just be thinking of my sweetie, I'd appreciate it!
Meanwhile, I'm knee deep in my sister's wedding plans and other non-cyber things but I'll try to be in blogland when I can. I miss you all!


Unknown said...

Nikki I'm so sorry that Miss Melly isn't all better. I hope that the special food does the trick. She is such a cutie.


A Southern Rose said...

I hope your kitty gets all better! She is precious!

I was on Ebay the other day and I saw a dress that I might order for Halloween. It was Scarlet's green dress! They sew it to fit your exact measurments. I'm trying to decide if I can afford to spend that much.

Have a great day!

Unknown said...

Nikki, s sorry to hear about your fur-baby! Hope all oges well with your sister's wedding!

Jaede said...

Nikki, sorry to hear about Melly. I'm sending positive thoughts her way and hoping the food does the trick xxx

Lallee said...

Oh ouch! Poor little Melly. You can count on me praying for a good outcome for her, Nikki.
{{{Hugs}}} to both of you!

Danette said...

I'll be praying for poor Melly.
Hope all is going well with the wedding plans. I've had a hard time staying in Blogland lately also. So much going on.
Take care toots!

Unknown said...

That poor darling kitty-cat! I've already said a little prayer for her. Bless her heart! :)

Get well soon, Melly!

Justine said...

Aw, I hope poor Melly feels better soon!

Justine :o )

Harbor Hon said...

I will say prayers for Melly and light a candle for her. I know how she feels though as I've had three stones removed myself in the past few years. Not fun at all and even harder on a little thing like she is. Hope the food does the trick. Give her a 'good kitty' rub from all of us. xxoo

Lori said...

Ouch,poor kitty, I've had about 16 stones! Have a beautiful weekend friend, Lori

Val said...

I hope your look-alike to our black and white cat is feeling better soon. Of course you'd do what you could to help her, but the surgery price is a lot of money, so I hope the $20 option works too. Good luck, Nikki.