Monday, June 22, 2009 a nutshell...

Well, let's a nutshell...

Saw my baby brother for the last time the other day before he left for Afghanistan. I'm worried sick already. He will miss our sister's wedding this Saturday, the 27th.

I'm PMSing. Bad.

My sister's wedding is this weekend. Dress was already too snug. Now I'm bloated. Great.

Melly was not getting any better, we have scheduled her surgery for Wednesday.

Had my sister's bachelorette party yesterday and took tons of pics. Now the pics have just "disappeared" from my SD card. Actually over a hundred photos, GONE.

Our downstairs AC unit is acting up. Already had the maintenance guy here once, will have to call back tomorrow. Did I mention it's REALLY hot here? And I'm PMSing?

Leg wax on Tuesday. Spray tan on Thursday. Rehearsal dinner Friday.

Yah. So. Hope to be back to normal soon! Thanks for your well wishes everyone~ I haven't gotten sick *yet*!

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day!
Since writing this post in the wee hours last night, someone has stolen my black wicker table from our front porch! The one I just blogged about two posts ago. They even moved a plant and a candle to take it, and set them aside. How kind. It freaks me out because it has to be someone who drives by frequently, and it appears as if they actually pulled in our driveway.
I really, really liked that table. Sniff.


Traci @ The Bakery said...

Nikki....what a time you are having. I will send a little prayer for all to be well for you. I will say BIG prayer for your brother and his company!! Have fun at the wedding and don't stress!!!

Traci @ The Bakery said...

Oh, and just remember...if it weren't for things like this, we don't have a lot to talk about...just think, if all was well, you probably wouldn't have posted...well, I guess you would have posted some pics....but it wouldn't have been near as

paintergal said...

Aw, Nikki, sounds like you need a hug or a massage or a vacation or somethin'!
Hope you can enjoy this week getting ready for your sister's wedding.
I'm sure you will be beautiful.

Unknown said...

My goodness, prayers coming your way!

Danette said...

My Goodness Nikki!
I'll be praying hot and heavy {no pun intended on the heat and the PMS bloating!} for you.
I cannot believe someone stole something right off your porch!!!
Hang in there!

Unknown said...

That would make me sooooo mad! I can't believe they did that. I'm sorry. That just sucks!

Good luck with the wedding and try to enjoy the festivities. I can't say that you shouldn't worry about your brother. I'ld be worried sick too.

We just have to be sooo grateful for these wonderful young men and women!

Justine said...

Aw, it must have been so hard to see your brother off, huh? He'll be okay!

Wow, you've got a very busy week ahead.

I cannot believe someone stole your damn table!

Justine :o )

Jaede said...

I'm sending love and hugs your way xxx

Anonymous said...

Nikki, maybe heather's luck is rubbing off on you. she is a hypocrite, what did you do to deserve it?

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Hi Nik,
I'm sorry to hear you are going through such a hard time. I wish I knew something to say to make you feel better. I'm praying for you.



paintergal said...

Just read about your wicker table. My gosh! That would incense me too!
I get angry about dogs invading my yard, I can't even imagine if someone stole something from our property.
Sure hope you can enjoy the wedding this weekend.
Hugs to ya, Dear!

Heather said...

Oh sweet cakes! You are having one heck of a time! I am so sorry to hear all of this. I will be praying for your brother.
Someone stole something off your porch!?!?! That is so creepy. An an invasion of property and privacey. What is wrong with people?!?!
Praying for things to turn around for you. Chin up young person!

Love and BIG HUGS coming your way,

Anonymous said...

Eeek! The thought of trespassers creeps me out.
PMS and all it's little treasures is no fun. I'm sorry for all the little dustbunnies in your life at the moment. :(
You'll see everything will turn out fine and I'm crossing my fingers your table is returned.

Unknown said...

I can't believe someone stole something off of your porch! Well, I CAN in this day and age, but still! That is too wierd! You've got a lot going on!

KatCollects said...

I am sorry you are having such a rough time Nikki. Prayers on the way for you and your Brother.

Christie said...

Everything is gonna be okay Nikki...prayers are being prayed and things are gonna get better....sometimes it seems that it's always darkest, just before the dawn. This too shall pass sweetie. It will.
God Bless you, your family and your brother. I am only an email away, if you ever need me....
Big hug,

Lori said...

Oh dear I feel so bad for you. How sad about your brother leaving before the wedding, he's such a wonderful person to be going over, I wish him safety and the best! Boy the feeling of having someone so close to your home is creepy! I had almost all my Halloween stole last fall and it had to have taken them awhile to do so! best wishes for the wedding, take care! Lori

Rue said...

Love and hugs to you Nikki!!


Heather said...

Hey Babe! How are you feeling now? How did the wedding go? I am expecting a full report with pictures gallore!

Marc and I just read the comment you left on my little house post and he said "Find that book!" So, we went on to Amazon and found it! I am getting two copies- one to frame/display if we get her and one to read to the kids. It's perfect! And now I have a strong desire to paint the house red!!! LOL!! Oh the neighbors will wonder who just moved in!!
We want her bad! Waiting to hear back from our realtor regarding a few "issues" but we are both hoping that she IS the one. The kids love it so much- we have been there twice and have had to take them out kicking and screaming both times. That's a good sign!

Funny thing is I have always liked my "stuff"- never wanted to get rid of anything. Since we found the little house last week I have been purging like a maniac! She is just precious and I am so ready to love her.


Lallee said...

Nikki, I'm glad I've heard from you post wedding to know you have made it to the other side. You have had massive amounts of problems. I hope you now get a massive string of good things in your life. Please update us on Melly.
{{{BIG HUGS}}}

A Southern Rose said...

I came back to this older post to see what all had been going on with you before your sister's wedding. It sounded like you were needing to really get away! I feel like that all of the time lately. I hope that everything is going better for you now. I hate that someone stole your table! There are some really mean people out there! Even if they think that no one saw them...they are wrong. God saw them and it made him sad.

I'm glad that you were able to get your pictures back! Maybe you will be able to send some to your brother.

Lee Laurie