Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hair today, gone tomorrow~

My sister and I had both been itching to cut our locks after the wedding. Here's a before shot taken at the bachelorette party~ Stone Hill Winery in Hermann, MO.

I cannot figure this picture out as I am actually a bit taller than her and we both had on flip flops with the same height... hmmm.... did you stand on your tippies at the last second Sis or is that old floor that warped, lol!
For those who may be wondering, we are 13 years apart.

Jonna knew she was going chin length. She liked the pic on the bottom right, only not so short around the face. (click to enlarge)
I was so excited to start cutting!!
Say buh-bye!

Jonna's hair is incredibly thick. I mean really, REALLY thick. I razored it quite a bit to soften, but if you razor or thin it out too much it can make thick hair even more poofy; and make the layers lay funny.

Cutting all the weight off unleashed some great natural wave. She'll be able to scrunch it and difuse it for a different look.

Here I dried it using a hot air brush by Conair. This is my old brush that she uses at home. The newer ones have soft bristles to help grab the hair. If you are able to use a round brush and separate dryer, that's great! But these are wonderful if you aren't that coordinated.

There's nothing like a big round brush for volume and lift. Use the largest one you can fit in your hair if you don't want any curl.

After I dried it I went over the bottom layers with a flat iron. (I use a Chi iron in the salon)


No more tangles!! LOL!

Here are some more befores of mine. I admit, I'm rather missing it now~ but I'm still glad I cut it. I really only liked it when I curled it... and had to sleep in rollers then sit under the dryer for an hour the next day!
So you can guess I didn't do it often.

Straight and natural~

Red fades so quickly, I wish it would stay like this!

See the diffrence in fading in a month? Geesh. This was taken on the 4th of July.
And here's the after. I lopped off about 8 inches too. I slept in rollers the night before this pic~
Dress is vintage, late 40's-early 40's. My pockets are stuffed with my cell phone and junk; can you imagine that back then? LOL!

You'll hafta click to enlarge if ya wanna see the back. Not that exciting. The same, just shorter!
Uh oh!
Bathroom snapper!

This is in the Japanese garden at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, or Shaw's Garden.

Be sure to stop by Sheila's at Note Songs for more
Bathroom Beauty Snappers!

I scrunched my natural wave here~

And threw in some victory rolls for this shot.

Whew, what a load off!


Anonymous said...

The last shot of you, if you dyed your hair blonde, you would be winslett in revolutionary road!!

Your are stunningly beautiful and cutting your hair really brought out your cheeks and the corners of your eyes.

I must admit, i've not yet been as brave as you have. My hair is down to my butt when I sit in a chair. It's a lot to take care of and very very thick. I'm getting closer and closer to the cut. I keep telling myself, just 10 inches and give again to locks of love.

What is your natural color? You said the red never stays red so i'm assuming you dye... :)

Beautiful girls, beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love your hair, it suits you perfect! I'm letting my hair grow out now after sporting a 1920's French bob for nearly two years and being tired of wearing extensions all the time. :)

That Crazy Ajumma said...

I love it! I took off about 7 inches about a month ago ago and have been super happy with it.I may go another inch or two. Doesnt it feel so much lighter and free?

Traci @ The Bakery said...

I LOVE IT!!! You just seem "freer" that a word??? Your sister's is adorable also....made her look 10 years younger I think!

Justine said...

Dangit, I was biting my nails, wondering if you had been as daring as Jonna and cut it all off! First of all, you did a fabulous job on her hair. It looks SO good. And yorus. Wow! You did cut 8" off, didn't you? But, it looks to still have the same shape and you've still got lots to play with!

Justine :o )

Christie said...

Hey Nikki!
Oh, what an exciting post! You did such a beautiful job and your sisters! Your hair looks beautiful will be alot easier to take care of...but I can sure understand you sort of missing it too. I know you are gonna have fun with the shorter length though. By the way my sister and I are 12 years apart...I'm the oldest. Hope you have a great weekend!

Donna said...

Oh, I was worried before I saw your after pic. Your hair is so pretty. I think I'm ok with the cut, because of the forties do. :)


Anonymous said...

WOW... 2 beautiful sisters!!
I just love the vintage dress... I agree with Tammy... You look like you just stepped out of the movie!
Take Care!

Jaede said...

Wow, both you and your sister look wonderful, your sisters look changed completely. If I could ever get my hair that long I don't think I could part with it.

A Southern Rose said...

Your hair looks great! I told you before that you looked like a movie star...but prettier. She is in the movie 'The Christmas Box'. You have it watch it. I almost went and got my hair chopped off today but my stylist was off...maybe next week I will.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

You both look great with your new do's!


Unknown said...

Well course you both look so cute! My hair is cut just like Jonna's and I style it with the heat brush. I love it. I never had one until this cut but it sure makes life easier.

Those victory rolls are amazing. Didn't you do a tutorial on those?
Very lovely.


Lallee said...

You both look gorgeous. I think either of you could probably get away with any hair style and still look fabulous. I didn't realize how long your hair was. I think the new length is very, very becoming. Good job on both of you!

Heather said...

Nikki! OMGosh!!!! I can not believe how short you cut your hair! I did 8 inches too and I keep going back and forth with "missing it" to "glad I did it". You look fantastic though!!! I love it!
Your sister's hair is super cute too! I would love to be able to wear mine that short but it just wouldn't look right- and my hair is super thin too so it would just lay flat on my head probably!! Not to mention my poor hubby would probably completely freak out! LOL!!!

You look beautiful!!!

Big Hugs

The Vintage Housewife... said...

oh my word! you look gor-guss!!!!! love your hair and the dress is to die for and your sweet lil' blonde'...her style is the gingham

Krissie said...


You both looke gorgeous before and after!!! I would love to be able to wear short hair but... 1. my husband would freak out~ and 2. I only wish I could look half as gorgeous as you and your sister do!


stagingworks2009 said...

Nikki..the hairstyle looks beautiful. I love to see it surely. Thanks for sharing this beauty. Let others know also about Home Staging Tips