Monday, July 06, 2009

In a nutshell, part deux~

Ok folks... trying my hardest to catch up here. Just wanted to give you a follow up!

Melly did NOT have surgery. I took her in early that morning, and the doc called me after he did another x-ray and said that the special food had indeed shrunk the stones. He said we could go ahead with surgery if we wanted, but he thought that another month on the food would work.

The thing is, she still has blood in her urine and I know she must be in pain. But, we also don't have $1,000 to spend on cat surgery, tho we would do it if it is our only option. I've really been wringing my hands over this. I don't want her to suffer. But I also feel the doc wouldn't have called if he didn't think it would be ok. So, we decided to keep her on the food. He gave her another round of antibiotics for infection.

She seems better, a bit more active. I also bought a new litter box that she took right too. More on that later.

I was able to recover the lost pictures on my SD card! I was frantic that night, searching google about what could be done. I found Steller Phoenix Photo Recovery. I was able to recover all of the bachelorette party pics, along with about 100 photos that I had previously, (and purposely) deleted. I highly recommend the program if you are in need. It was worth the money! Plus, I plan to buy an external hard drive, and if loaded there I can recover anything on this pc if necessary.

The wedding was beautiful. I cannot wait to see the professional photos! I will share bits and pieces soon.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers!
Oh, and in case you're wondering; no~ the table was not returned.


A Southern Rose said...

I'm so glad that Melly didn't have to have surgery. I hope that she keeps getting better. I'm like you, I would spend the money if I had too but if the doctor says that she will get better with the food and antibiotics, I would give it a try. Glad to see you back!
Lee Laurie

Unknown said...

We lost our Spook in Jan this year. The Vet recommended a surgery that did no good at all. At the time we thought that we were doing the best thing for him. But now I believe that we would have lost him anyway and in my heart of hearts I think that the surgery was not worth the torture that he went through. He died 3 days after. It was the saddest thing! Unfortunately, with kitties it is so hard to figure out what works. But my thought now is that if they can't say that the animal will definitely be better from the surgery then don't do it. All that to say, I am so glad that Miss Melanie is doing better and I hope she doesn't need the surgery.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Glad you've had good news about little Melly! Maybe things will be better for her from now on!


Kelly B said...

I am glad to hear she didn't have to have surgery. We will pray for her and you guys that the stones continue to shrink and disappear completely!! :)

Lallee said...

Nikki, I know how concerned you are, but I'm glad to hear the meds are working. I think you made the right decision to wait and give them more time. Hoping for the best for Melly. She's such a beauty.

So glad you were able to recover your pics!!!