Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Orange and Fuschia Bridal Shower~

Whew, being the Matron of Honor is a huge job! Helping the bride find her perfect gown was among the largest tasks, but once that was done things started to fall in place.

I had to get busy and make the invitations for her shower. This took forever because I couldn't decide what to do. I finally made up my mind; I wanted to shape the words on the invite in the form of a wedding cake. Ok, cool. Well, the programs I have would not let me do it the way I wanted. So I found an invitation online, (tsk, tsk!), and used that. I completely changed it tho. I had to first make it black and white, take some birthday candles off of the top, erase their fonts and wording, etc. But I am happy with the results. My sister loves glitter and bling, so I lined each cake with glitter and then sprayed them all with opalescent glitter spray. Made about fitty of 'em. I made sure to put Bridal Luncheon so guests would know there was FOOD and not just cake and punch.
I found orange and pink index cards to send to everyone so they could bring their favorite recipe for the bride. Sorry for the lousy pics, there were some better shots but I'd have to edit out the info again and I don't feel like it! :P

I thought it would be cute to have all orange and pink foods for the event.... except for the chicken salad sandwiches! Kevin made those for me~ SO good!
Thanks so much for all of your help sweetie! Couldn't have done it without ya~
Yes, those are nekkid butts on his apron. His parents bought it for him at Mt. Rushmore. Er, that's supposed to be the "back" of Mt. Rushmore...
Kevin added halved red grapes and dried cherries for color.

I made 50 pink and orange swirled cheesecake cupcakes. They were fun, but I will never try to make that many again!

A favorite fruit salad recipe of mine:
A can of peach pie filling and whatever fruit you want!

Cut the peaches up in smaller chunks and fold in fruit. So simple.
I used fresh strawberries, raspberries, and a can of drained mandarin oranges here.
But I love it with sliced bananas, pineapple, apples, kiwi, blueberries, etc.

Next to that I had port wine cheese with crackers.
Shown below is the lovely platter of chicken salad on croissants, and you can see the pink and orange salad dressings~
Used cherry flavored craisins and carrots for color in the lettuce salad~ radichio was also in the mix for a nice shade of pink.
Pink and orange punch anyone? Diet Cherry 7-UP and raspberry sherbert in one jar, Diet Sunkist and orange sherbert in the other~
Is it ok to get excited about plastic utensils?

The colors just looked so pretty wrapped around these! These centerpieces have really gotten some mileage. I made them for my wedding; adorned with wide lace and navy ribbon. Then switched out the ribbon to gold for my inlaw's 50th anniversary. Then took off the lace and added pink and black ribbons with rhinestone buckles for my sil's bridal shower. And now orange and pink beading!
I lucked out snagging these pink and orange wrapped candies. They are Hershey's BLISS~ Chocolates filled with raspberry flavor!

The deep fuschia geraniums were an awesome find. If you look closely, the centers are orange! I gave these out as prizes.

I found a cute shower game online. You need a peice of posterboard, markers, pens and paper. Place the posterboard on the floor. Ask each guest to come and trace around their hand, leaning over without bending their knees. (I alternated pink and orange markers between each player.)

While this was going on I had the other two bridesmaids jotting down everything that was being said during this time.

Once everyone had their turn, I announced to everyone that "you might hear the following coming from the newlyweds' honeymoon suite"... Unbeknownst to them, here's what our guests blurted out:

I'm not doing that!

It's easier if you spread your legs.

That wasn't so bad...Next!

Bend your butt that way!

Im not that coordinated!

What in the world did you think of this for?

Lets get this over with.

Don't rip your pants!

Aren't you glad you lost all that weight?

I have to take my shoes off to shrink~

It was hard when I went down.

Just bend your knees and go down!

My big butt in the air!

Is there a significance to the hand?

Nobody said she couldn't sit down.

Don't rip your pants, we didn't bring any extra!

It looks like a big elephant hand!

Leave it to Jonna to have asprin!

Going...still going...

There'll be no more of that!

It was hilarious! Lots of fun since no one suspected!

I think the bride enjoyed herself, and I hope the guests did too.
I especially liked how the veil turned out. Looked like sherbert!

It was fun putting it all together. Love ya Sis!


Rue said...

Your mom and dad sure do make beautiful daughters!

What a great bridal shower Nikki!! You did a beautiful job and that game is hilarious LOL

hugs and love right back!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Ladies, both of you!! How simply festive this looks. The food, the colors and the smile on her face say it all. Best wishes to you.

Amber said...

Looks like a lot of fun! And I love how well everything coordinated! So beautiful! Good job Nikki!

Val said...

Oh, Nikki, everything looks so fun and happy and pretty! Great job! :)

Lori said...

AAHHHHHH, you did a adorable, sweet as sugar job!!!!! I so can't wait to do my daughters in October! I am so shaking her up, I am doing some retro colors of orange, bright green, chocolate brown and white. It'll be different! I can't wait for everyone to see it! I'm doing a bride and groom scarecrow at the front of the hall and am starting on it next week! Thanks for sharing, gosh I would love a chicken salad now! I'm also making some for hers with apples and cranberries in it! So fallish! Later,Lori

Donna said...

Oh, you worked so hard on all of this. And it shows. Great job!

Christie said...

Hey Nikki!
Everything looks so pretty....all of the decor is amazing... and the food looks delicious too! You did such a great job girl! I know your sister felt so very special. You and your sister look so pretty...I'm telling you, if you both had the same hair color, you'd look like twins.
I hope you have a great weekend!
Big Hugs,

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

You did a fantastic job! The food sounds so good, and it was so pretty! Love the color scheme! Even your dress matched!

Pretty ladies!


Jaede said...

What a fabulous job you did Nikki, your sister must have loved every minute. And what a wonderful game, such fun xxx

A Southern Rose said...

You did a wonderful job with her shower! Gorgeous! I love the colors and the food looked delicious! I know it was a lot of hard work! She will never forget it. That game was so funny! I will have to remember that one! LOL

Lee Laurie

Y'all both looked so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Happy colors, yummy food, what more can a bride to be ask for? Simply fun and beautiful!

Lallee said...

I knew you would give this a lot of thought and make the party very special. It just turned out beautifully. The punch containers look awesome with the colors in them. I must try your fruit recipe! Very clever invitations. ROFL at party game! Last but not least, you two girls are beautiful.

One Shabby Old House said...

You look fabulous girl. Looks like you have reached your goal and so beautifully. And what a wonderful shower that you had.
Leave it to you to come up with so much fun.
Glad you stopped by. I had missed ya.