Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Fern

A few of you have mentioned that the fern in the last post was probably an Asparagus fern (Thanks!). While I found that many do call it that, the Asparagus fern that I know here in Missouri is light and airy and looks like this:

Here's what else I found out... the one I was looking at is more often called a Foxtail fern, and an Asparagus as well. Some sites had a regular looking fern listed as Asparagus too~ must be many varieties. Here's more info, it's actually not in the fern family at all! To be exact it's called an Asparagus Meyeri Foxtail Fern.

Although it is called a fern it is actually part of the lily family. It
produces small white flowers followed by red berries in the summer. The white
flowers are often hidden, the birds will steal the berries and disperse the
seeds. (
from this site)

I think it looks like dreadlocks~ or tentacles, lol! Another site listed it as a Foxtail Asparagus Cactus, yet still in the lily family and that it originates from South Africa. Hmm! Interesting! I want one.


Unknown said...

Well There You Go!
No wonder it does well here in Phoenix. They will continue to grow as large as the pot they are in. So if you keep transplanting it...It could be GYNORMOUS! What you said about the berries and little flowers is true. Ours is about 6 years old.


Unknown said...

The asparagus fern that I know is like the one in your second photo. I want one called a "tatting fern" No joke! LOL! There really is one called that!

Justine said...

Yes, dreadlocks for sure!!!!!!!!! It's really cool looking though.

Justine :o )

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your walk around the park, Nikki! Wish our parks here, were that pretty!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Well forget the fern! I am thrilled you stopped by my blog so I could meet you and come here.

I am in awe of your Victorian/Civil War costumes and can't wait to see your Christmas outfit.

I've just joined a Victorian Tea Society not to long ago and have been trying to put together a costume. I've even bought a few patterns for dresses to be made for me.

How I wish I lived near you so I could see yours in person. So pretty. Loved your wedding dress too!

I'm off to read more of your blog. You are going on my list of favorites right now!