Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Walk along with me...

Since Nova started preschool in August, I've been walking in the park after I drop him off. You might have noticed on my sidebar that I've lost 80 pounds. I did it with Weight Watcher's CORE and without exercise. But I'm going to have to *step it up* to get the last few pounds off and tone up.

It's so peaceful. Hardly anyone there at that time.

I love the curved pathways.

Here's a glimpse of the lake~ I didn't walk around it this day.
Can you smell the fresh morning air?

Big beautiful trees, like a forest in a fairytale picture book.

A beautiful newer home across the street from the park. All I want to know is, what do these people do for a living?! Actually I believe they're retired, I see a guy putzing around on a golf cart all the time.
Y'all know I LOVE old houses, but ~ I could live here. I could LIVE here.

I could sit there for hours! Can you imagine getting lost in a good book and listening to the waterfall? If not, perhaps you should click on the photo and take a second look.

Fairytale-esque just like the trees~ sigh.........

Ah, but there's a gorgeous old home right down the road! They have a wonderful barn~

A fabulous four square home with an awesome tile roof~

And this beautiful creature. She's not out every day, so I was so glad to capture this shot!

I'm dying to know what that cool fern(?) is on the right. I should've knocked on the door and asked, lol! Click to see, it's really fat and bushy.

View of the park from the house above~

Stay tuned, I'll soon take you for a stroll around the lake! For now I'll leave you with this bright orange tree peeking out at you. This is just past the waterfall house.


Unknown said...

That is quite the park! Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos from your walk today!

ThisleRose said...

Wow congrats on loosing 80lbs! Beautiful walk to take- It looks so spring like there, I can't get over it. Its dark and gloomy here and nearly all the trees have lost their leaves.

Anonymous said...

I think it is an asparagus fern isn't it. I had one on my back porch, but my husband got rid of it. When winter hit is goes dormant and looks like it is dead, will he forgot this and while doing yard work in the spring before it came back he pitched it. I wasn't going to say anything to him, he had just gotten back from over a year in Iraq and he could pitch anything he desired at that point... LOL Your photos are wonderful, makes me miss my home state a lot!

Best Wishes
Retro Beehive

Traci @ The Bakery said...

That was a great walk....I think I'm going to go sit down haaaa. No, such a pretty place...are the trees turning now?

Rue said...

What a beautiful place to walk! Those houses are amazing, but that pond with the waterfall?? I need me one of those ;)


Clare said...

Thanks for taking us along on your walk. The park is so lovely! The waterfall is exquisite... and all those chairs set up alongside, too! Yes, a good book is definitely called for. ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks for doing my exercise for me. Good job! : )

I think that is an Asparagus fern....
We have them in Phoenix and they are really easy to grow....

Love the waterfall and sitting area.


Jaede said...

Oh that was so beautiful. How I miss the lush green living in the desert. I want to walk in the park too. xxx

The Old Painted Cottage said...

Congratulations on your weight loss. Loosing 80 lbs is an amazing accomplishment. And what a gorgeous park to walk through and clear your head. I really enjoyed your photos.


Justine said...

What a beautiful park that is to walk around in!!!!!!!!!! Hope it helps you to shed some more pounds!

Justine :o )

Harbor Hon said...

After having my windows thumped at all day by the loud music from the store across the street, this would be paradise to me. I could get used to sitting in those chairs crocheting and listening to the gentle waterfall. Thanks for making my day better. xxoo

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

What a lovely place! I enjoyed my stroll along the way with you. I'm sure you were way ahead of me, clipping at a much faster pace!

That is a an unusual fern, don't think I've seen one of those before!


Christie said...

What a beautiful place to take a peaceful walk. I love it and am glad you shared it!

P.S. I love all of your finds in the post have got a great eye for finding treasures and It is all gonna be so pretty together! I Loved all of your shoes have got some of the prettiest shoes...I have alot of shoes...but I must say that none of them are as pretty as these you have!

Life on the Edge said...

Oh I could live there too! I often wonder the same thing when I see houses like this...where do they earn the money?

I am totally in love with that waterfall! I didn't realize how big it was until I clicked on the pic and saw those chairs dwarfed by the waterfall. And is that a drinking fountain on the patio next to the pond? Amazing!