Monday, December 15, 2008

Baked with love~

Monday we went to my mom's house to decorate gingerbread houses she had baked. She thought Nova would have fun with it. He really just wanted to eat the candy and play with the Mickey Mouse Playhouse there. Ah well!

Kevin had requested an outhouse. She made him a two seater, he was delighted. He really got into decorating it!

Then mom invited Kevin's sister Joyce over and put a house together for her to decorate as well.

We had a blast! I stayed with the traditional red/green decor, but I was half way through before realizing she had three tubs of pink sprinkles I could've used! I'll do a froufrou one next time!

Here they are awaiting their candy coating~

An inside shot of the double pot~

Here's a slideshow of how things evolved. I love the big candy jars!

OH! Pardon me Santa, I didn't know you were in there!! (Eeek!)

Joyce's masterpiece~

Kevin's um... candy crapper~ (He's so proud)

And lastly my humble home~

(I warn you it was a mascara only day with hair in a french braid)

The villiage

Nova checking out the scene~

These will keep for years if they are stored without moisture or heat, but they're fun to eat too!

Am I the only one with the song "Candy Man" stuck in my head?


Harbor Hon said...

What a fun time! All of your creations are so cute. Never could get the hang of gingerbread houses myself. Even dressed down, you look fab. I always love your hair. Have a great Christmas! xxoo

Anonymous said...

Candy crapper! pfhht! lol

Unknown said...

It looks like everyone had fun...even the big guy! That is too funny, candy crapper, LOL!

Unknown said...
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. said...

Too cute. I love the outhouse! We did ours this weekend, too.
Big Hugs~Claire

Jaede said...

Wow, they are all lovely, such fun xxx

Rue said...

OMG Nikki!!!! We got the house!!!!!!! Oops! Sliped out ;)

I love the gingerbread houses and the outhouse :)

You are one brave woman to wear that Christmas outfit. Holy Smokes!! Although you are the only one I know that could still be beautiful with a tree on their head LOL Kevin's outfit was a laugh riot!!


Lady Katherine said...

Oh, What fun you have been up too.

Anonymous said...

I know you all had a great time! These are wonderful, Nikki!

Melissa said...

Those are such cute and creative gingerbread houses. So much fun.

Jorgelina said...

Very cute!!!
gingerbread houses adorables!!

That Crazy Ajumma said...

ok,I LOVE the crapper!
Kevin is too funny!

Justine said...

Ooh, they came out fabulous, Nikki! But Kevin wanting a gingerbread crapper? Well, that's just not right. It's downright sick. Only kidding Kevin! No, I'm not kidding. It's just odd. ROFL
And you looked beautiful with just mascara on!

Justine :o )

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Looks like a fun day! That outhouse is hysterical!!


Heather said...

My family used to decorate gingerbread houses eery year. We would make four or five and then take them to our school teachers and shut-ins in our community. The kids and I will be doing some this next week. I need to do something to get in the spirit......I just don't have it this year.
Now if I had gone to that Christmas party for your salon.....THAT looks like it was a BLAST!!! Kevin's outfit was freigin' hysterical! Only a real manly man could pull that off- GOOD JOB KEVIN! And you....that hair is amazing! How do you come up with this stuff!?!
Oh, and just a "mascara day" are a booger and I am pea green with envy. You are beautiful! If I walked out of the house with only mascara I would scare even the blind.
Stop by my blog! I have something for you!!!


Christie said...

Oh Nikki...what fun and what a treasured memory for you and your family...the Gingerbread houses are the prettiest I've seen! I love Kevin's too....that is too cute and funny as crap! That looks like something Robert would think up.... an outhouse...I love it! Your Kevin is a hoot and you both make such a beautiful are gorgeous you know that?! I love that pics of little Nova too...he looks so cute...I hope you all will have a very Merry Christmas...something tells me there won't be a dull moment in your lovely home! LoL!

One Shabby Old House said...

Only at the Scarlet Rose Garden will you find a Candy Crapper and a gal with a tree hairdo.
Too funny.
Have a Merry Christmas my friend.

KatCollects said...

It looks like a fun day, wishing you a beautiful Christmas.

Life on the Edge said...

These are adorable! I laughed so hard at the idea of a gingerbread outhouse! It turned out great though. They all did! Hey, when I was Nova's age, I would have wanted to just eat the candy too! lol He looks like he is pretty intrigued at the finished product though!


Rue said...

Merry Christmas Nikki!!!!! I hope you and your sweet family have the best one yet :)

Oh and you made me cry when I got your card in the mail. Thank you :)

love and big hugs,

Lallee said...

Merry Christmas, Nikki. Thank you for all the inspiration you share all through the year. Blessings to you and your family. Too fun to do the gingerbread houses together! Nova looks so cute checking them out. Hope he has a big Christmas.

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Your village is soooo sweet.LOL...Love the two seater outhouse.Thats really kool.Boy i would hate to eat it,but here today ,gone tomorrow.Merry Christmas Marie Antionette

Gone said...

Just popping in to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Jan & Tom

Unknown said...

Hi Nikki!
I hope you have a wonderful New Year!


Christie said...

Hey Nikki!
I just wanted to pop in to tell you that I hope you and your sweet family have a very Happy New year!

Justine said...

Happy new year, Nikki! Where the hell are you? It's like you fell off the face of the earth!

Justine :o )