Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Snowman Humor

I'm sure most of you all have seen Calvin and Hobbe's snowmen comics....

It was funny to google this and see all the pics of snowmen people had made trying to recreate Calvin's work, lol!


So you can imagine my amusement when I looked out the window and saw this:

I went out for a closer look and cracked up!

Elvis anyone? "Thank ya, thank ya very much..."

He has been this way for two days!

He's definitely fighting the laws of gravity and Mother Nature~

Of course many captions have come to mind...

"Must....(gasp!) have.... more....snow....(weeeez, cough)"

"There's my nose! If I could just....reach.. it..."

"Help me find my earring!!"

"I'm melting, melting. Ohhhhh, what a world, what a world!"

"Step back everyone, I lost my contact!"

Can you say "osteoporosis"?

"May I have this dance?"

"Doin' da' butt. Hey pret-tay, pret-tay~When you get that notion, put your backfield in motion, hey! Doin' da' butt. Hey sexy, sexy Ain't nothing wrong, if you wanna do the butt all night long~
(Hey yeah-ee yeah. Yeah-ee, Yeah-ee, Yeah-ee Yeah)Ow, what you gonna do about it(Yeah-ee yeah. Yeah-ee) Shake it! (Yeah-ee, Yeah-ee Yeah)"

"I'm gonna HURL!"

"On your mark, get set, GO!"

And last but not least~Naturally I thought of Scarlett~

Anyone else got a caption?


Anonymous said...

Home girl needs a good exfoliant for those leaves! Thanks for the laugh. I need it!

paintergal said...

What a riot! I'm afraid I'm not as quick as you are with the captions.
I'm quite fond of Calvin and Hobbes too. Miss that comic strip!

That Crazy Ajumma said...

Very comical Nikki!
I'm Thinking about an old cartoon,might be Buzz Buzzard.Anyways,he was drunk, bent way over,trying to walk and singing..."How dry I aaaam(hiccup!)How dry I aaaaam"

Unknown said...

OH, this was toooooo funny! I really needed a good laugh right about now, thank you...thank you very much!

Michelle said...

Nikki I needed that!! You made me laugh so hard in this post, especially your captions for the melting snowman. LOL!

Christie said...

oh girl, this is hilarious! You are a hoot...I love it!

Gone said...

"Now if I could find my toes, I could almost touch them!"


Love your photos and captions!!


Unknown said...

Nikki, you crack me up!.... Anyone else notice the similarity between Calvin and Nova?... TOO CUTE!

Thanks for the laugh!

Lady Katherine said...

Thats just too funny!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

OMGOSH NIKKI! ROFLMBO! That is hilarious!

"Getting Jiggy wi' it"

"Hey Macarena!"

"Do the Hustle!"

"Slowly I turn, step by step, inch by inch"

One Shabby Old House said...

That was just too funny. You have a great sense of humor. Or maybe we both are just sick. lol
Thanks for the laugh today.

Jaede said...

You are just too funny.
Bend and stretch, well just bend then.....

Justine said...

I don't have a caption but yours were pretty damn good! Loved the "get the nose" one!

Justine :o )

Christie said...

Hey Nikki,
Just stopping over to tell you to come by when you have the chance...I am having a 100th post Christmas Giveaway...

Rue said...


How about.... Does my shadow make me look fat? LOL

You are too funny Nikki :)


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

How funny! I enjoyed all of the captions, plus the ones your commenters left!


Life on the Edge said...

I just about screamed when I saw this post because the snowmen strips in Calvin and Hobbes were among my favorites of all time! These are magnificent!

Loved your melty snowman too, and all the captions. I think each one made me laugh harder than the one before!