Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!

In lieu of the insanely frigid cold weather we're having, I thought I'd share some of my coats with you. Most vintage, some not~

First is my favorite "everyday" coat. It is ultra-thin. It's probably 10+ years old but I don't care, it's warm and easy to handle while shopping, ect. The lining zips out, but I always leave it in.

This is Kevin and I on our honeymoon out west. We drove everywhere~ on this day we were at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. It was my second time there. If you haven't been, it's an absolutely MUST see!

Kevin and Nikki honeymooning out west

Here is my next fave... a vintage sage green coat from the late 50's. SO warm! A client of mine once gave me all of her vintage garments, and this was one of them. This was taken a few years ago, we were going out for a romantic dinner. The hat had been my Aunt Maudie's. This is one of my favorite pics of me because it shows how red my hair acutually is! (In most photos it looks brown!)

Birdcage band hat and late 50's coat

It has a real fur collar that I can stand up and hook in front. The gloves are new, chenille with faux fur cuffs. I have a fur scarf that matches beautifully, and I use it around my head instead of my neck... I'll have to snap a pic of that later!

This coat is a great sage green

I LOVE the great woven buttons!

Oh~ found one more. This was from last Christmas~

You may have seen this one before. What can I say, I adore this vintage leaopard set. It was my Grandma's.
It is too big for me, but there's no way I'm altering this vintage gem. I've got it cinched in back~
My Grandmother's coat and barrett, too big but I really don't want to alter it
I'm wearing this with a 60's knit outfit from the same person, (Mary), who gave me the sage coat above. Modern vintage inspired shoes...
My Grandmother's coat and barrett, too big but I really don't want to alter it
A closeup of print,
My Grandmother's coat and barrett, too big~ I'm cinching it behind my back

This next coat was givin to me by someone who just "knew I loved vintage"! I'm uncertain of it's age. It's wool and has a vintage Famous Barr tag inside, which was a grand department store here in MO until Macy's took it over in recent years. I like this one because it has an Edwardian look to it, I can wear it with my Titanic or Victorian looking garb. You can't really tell in the photos, but it has a great gimp/braided trim. It's too big for me too, but looks easy to take in... one of these days!
I also like to call this my Mary Poppins coat~
Christmas 2007 047
I'll try to get a better pic later!
Christmas 2007 048

Light leather jacket~ Kevin says he doesn't like this coat. I think my mom said that too? I don't know why.... but I LIKE it!
Kevin looks nice in his leather jacket too.... I SO wish this wasn't blurry. It's rare to get Kevin to smile for the camera. It's also rare to get a family shot of us!
BTW, Nova only had his jacket off while I was trying to get photos for our Christmas card that year! See~

OK... this is getting LOOOOONG, so I'm only going to share one more. But believe me, I have others!!!
A beautiful white faux fur coat that was also my Grandma's...(Dad's side), as well as the beaded handbag. These photos were taken for a special occasion, but I'll save that for a another post. (It was an internet thang!)
Anyhoo, these were taken at the Arch in St. Louis, which my Grandpa Nova, (Mom's side), helped build. He did concrete work.
MO greeting
flgth 060
flgth 050
Ok, I lied. I'm going to throw in a few more because they were taken on the same day... and since we're already here.... LOL!
Mom got me this vintage faux mink stole for Christmas last year. Snazzy eh?
I just love going to the FOX.
Copy of flgth 010bw
I bought this vintage 50's shelf bust taffeta dress at an antique store for only $15! It's WAY too big, I've got it cinched in about 8 inches. Needless to say I do NOT fill out the shelf bust area.
(BTW, I only mention that things are too big for me because I am proud that I have lost a ton of weight; success story in side bar. AND because I do not like to alter vintage clothing if I can help it.)
This photo was taken inside Union Station in St. Louis.
Copy of flgth 2041
Once home, I did not want to take off this gorgeous dress but I was chilly... what to do? Put on a vintage angora sweater of course! It has the most gorgeous motif on the top. I'll try to get a closeup another time.
Last pic late that night, hair is calmed down and looking great here, and had to show my vintage angora sweater.


Just Me said...

Well, fiddle dee dee! I love your coats! I can't wear any here in south Florida....I've had the same one for 22 years and it still looks brand new.

I adore your vintage look and by the way - we have the same color hair!!!! My email is Scarlett. ;)

That Crazy Ajumma said...

I LOVE the coats!
Especially the leopard print one,which I have had an affinity for since I was 14 due to falling in love with the band Def Leppard,lol.

Harbor Hon said...

Wow! That black and white photo in front of the Fox is lovely! You should be in vintage ads, really. And you have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. Wish mine were that color.

Love all the coats. They look fabulous and go well with everything you wear. And your hair braided? You have that 'girl next door' look wearing your hair like that. Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see more. xxoo

paintergal said...

Oh my gosh- I love your coats! You look so elegant in the pics. I like the one of you in braids too. So cute.

Jaede said...

Oh, your coats are too fab, especially the leopard. I like your leather coat and you and Nova are so cute in that pic xxx

Glennis said...

Wow, I love the clothes and you look fantastic in them!! I love the Edwardian looking coat. That's elegant and classy! I adore the leopard outfit too - it's outrageous! You look so good in all of them!

Your picture of you in front of the Fox is stunning. The St. Louis Fox is my favorite theatre in the world. Did you know it's a twin to the Detroit Fox?

The Ramblin' Rat said...

Holy cow! How did I miss your blog until now?

I adore the vintage style and you pull it off so well. I love the picture of you in front of the Fabulous Fox theater. Even though I'm a California girl, my husband is from St. Louis and we visit there every year. He's promised me to take me to a show some day at the Fox.

I'm hoping one day we can move there. St. Louis is one of my absolute favorite places.

-Becky, The Ramblin' Rat

Justine said...

Each time you do a post on your clothing you amaze me. Not only because you really do look like you come from a different era, but because you have the balls to wear it proudly and not worry about the curious looks I'm sure you get. Do people come up to you and talk about your clothes?
I love the way you not only put on a dress and coat, but you accessorize with shoes and head pieces to complete the look. Not to mention your hair styles! Btw... love the pic of you with the cute little braids!

Justine :o )

La Tea Dah said...


You look charming in your lovely vintage coats. And what a stunning model you make! I'm glad that someone is carrying on the tradition of 'looking great' in public. Dressing up is an art that seems to be fading with many, it seems.

Great post!


The Muse said...

I adore vintage as well...and I applaud a "sister" in the glory of LIVING the dream!

Great shots....I mean sincerely great!

Lori said...

Nikki, Oh I adore the last dress! You look so stunning in the vintage coats and such, but sweetie the hats are THE best! I so enjoyed your post and your little ones baby blues are adorable! Later, Lori P.S. Keep on voting if you can I'm losing BOO HOO!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are sooooo cute!!!
I love the coats and they are adorable on you! So fun!!!!!

Rue said...

Hi Nikki :)

You are so stinkin' cute! I love all your coats and I really like the leather one too :)


Christie said...

Oh girl...I just loved seeing all of the vintage coats and the everyday one's too....You are such a wonderful are just beautiful... and so photogenic too...I really enjoyed this fun post and congratulations again on your weight is an amazing accomplishment and something to be very proud of.
I loved the skates that you made too...they are are so creative to think that up...and so sweet to make them for Becca's Secret Santa Gift...I bet she'll treasure them forever. That is my favorite shade of's nice to see that they make it in a spray can...I've been buying that color in acrylics, but I am gonna get some in the spray paint.
Your pink ornament sounds it in a post...I'd love to see it sometime...
By the sure to stop over sometime soon. I've scheduled four posts, starting tomorrow... that feature some 1946-1952 Magazines and I show the inside of the 1946 one. It's so much fun looking through these old treasures...

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

My goodness, You look fabulous in all the outfits. My favorite shot if I had to pick would be the second one. I think the hat with the netting looks great. You look smashing in this. This was a lot of fun to look at. My sister and I love clothes, nothing like pulling outfits together, you do it well.