Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Special Secret Santa gifts 2006~

My Secret Santa from 2006 was good to me too!! Nova was 18 months old here...and what?? No cats? They must have been curled up on the bed. Just look at what they missed out on!

A great decorative box full of goodies. I love the box,(so ME!), and I later found a hat box to match, woohoo! Inside was an Old Country Roses plate, which you see in my kitchen in a lot of pics that I pose for vintage clothing shots...but here's one of just the plate vignette~
The apron hanging here was my Grandma Boyle's

I also unwrapped some beautiful butterfly ornaments, CHOCOLATE, a pretty battenburg angel ornie, some apple butter (that didn't last long!), a cute Christmas pillow, a little gingerbread bag with mints, and a lovely hanky!

My dear gift giver that year was Mary from
Here's Home. Tho I beleive her blog is private.... Thanks you so much again for the lovely treasures that year Mary!


Anonymous said...

Aww, how lovely! I always have enjoyed receiving little surprises, but really, who doesn't? :)

Harbor Hon said...

Wow! You had some great secret santas over the years. Love those butterflies, and the things on the shelf are adorable. xxoo

Christie said...

Oh be still my heart! Girl, you know I am loving the country roses's beautiful, and that jadite...the whole vignette is just full of, who's teasing who here?!
What a fun package of goodies that year that your secret santa gave you.... and Nova looks so cute....our babies grow too fast don't they?!
Hope you have a great day girlfriend...thanks for coming over....your comments alway tickle me to death! You are so fun....

Decor To Adore said...

What fantastic treasures!

Jaede said...

Beautiful, I love surprises too xxx