Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some recent junque in my trunk~ all for about $50!

You know times are tough when you have to save money to go YARDSALING. Geesh.
We had a town wide yardsale recently and I found quite a few goodies. I was SO excited because I hadn't been to a sale, fleamarket, or anything in a very, very long time.
First up we have a gorgeous little chandy, are you ready for this?
FIVE BUCKS. Yes. And to think I almost didn't even ask because I ASSUMED it was going to be more than the $35 I had with me!!
I was able to straighten the crooked arm. I found all but 6 of the crystals next to it.
Might go in my bathroom redo upstairs, but for now we hung it in the foyer as we didn't have anything there and it keeps it off of the floor~
$5~  I was able to straighten the crooked arm
LOVE this darling aqua vintage phone for only 75 cents!
Will be so cute with a floral motif added in the center of the dial~
These are hard to find where the receiver hasn't yellowed.HPIM0975
A darling little tin basket!! No lid but that's ok. The colors are so sweet!
Darling old tin was missing the lid but I had to have it, vintage clothespins, antique mug

Vintage clothespins for crafting...

And this gorgeous mug~ sorry, not the best pic!
This mug has issues but it is gorgeous.  Love the colors.
Don't be scared! I needed another mannequin head for practice, was so glad to find her and the stand! She has since been shampooed and cleaned up rather nice~
I needed an extra manny to practice on, got a deal and she came with the stand, woohoo!
Great vintage fabrics! There's enough of this cute butterfly material for a sundress.
Vintage fabrics
A sweet cherub for a quarter~
Sweet cherub for a quarter!
I've been wanting to learn ribbon embroidery and found these at two separate sales, woohoo!
I wanted to learn this and found these at two separate yard sales!
Gorgeous vintage bed that my sister and BIL gave me. Has a headboard too, not pictured...
Pretty shadow...
Awesome vintage jewels and hairsticks.... FREE with the $5 CHANDY!!Vintage jewels and hairsticks, FREE with $5 chandelier!  : P
And last, this beautiful old print. This was at a local consignment shop about a year ago. I really liked it but couldn't think of anywhere to put it. Plus, they wanted like $40 for it.
A few months later they marked it down about ten bucks or so. I thought about it.... but still too much $ and I'm trying to watch what I spend more than ever now.
Next time I went in it was GONE.
Well, of COURSE I wanted it then!! I pouted about it for a while and got over it.
Fast forward to the present... went in last week and it was BACK! I had $28 on my account there and the picture was now $24. SOLD. It's MINE. *wicked laugh*HPIM1175
It is in my dining room now, which is too green I think... will probably go in my parlor when it's finished.
I love the frame too!HPIM1180

Thanks for junkin' with me!
I've also been getting ready for my Gone With the Wind party, have you?
Check a few posts back or in my sidebar for details!


Krissie said...

Hi Nikki,

You made out at the garage sales!!! Love everything the picture is absolutely gorgeous!!

Krissie :)

Amber said...

Love the "chandy" (<--- too cute)! I think you can find crystal drops at a lot of online retailers now. I'm sure eBay is chalk full of them. Are you going to paint it, or leave it gold?

Melissa Miller said...

Love the pretty mug and the chandy! ~WOW! Your really found some amazing deals Nikki! ;)

paintergal said...

My faves are the chandy and the floral pic.

Christie said...

Oh girl...what a fun post! You know, I just loved going junkin' with you...loved your commentary too! You are just too cute and funny too. Great finds.... love that chandy...I hope I can luck upon one of those one day! I know you are sooo excited finding all of those great things! Glad I got to see them. I hope you have a great week!
Big Hugs,

Christie said...

P.S. I love that color of green on your walls.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki! Nice finds. I was just checking on our most beautiful Bathroom Diva!
bE a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Debra said...

Oh, I so love all your treasures! Especially the old print and jewelry!

Debra said...

Oh, I so love all your treasures! Especially the old print and jewelry!

Kelly B said...

What great finds you found!! I have got to get to some garage sales soon...

Sometimes It's Good said...

Wow! You found some darling things! I wish we had such good thrift stores here.
Hugs, Susan

A Southern Rose said...

Wow! You found some great stuff! I love the chandelier! I went junkin' a little bit this morning and almost got into trouble. I have really got to be careful with my money! Times are hard! Even when going to yard sales! LOL

Lee Laurie

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Nikki! You sure have some pretty finds. I especially love that chandelier! A girl can never have enough of those.

Looking forward to the GWTW party!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Heather said...

Total score on everything!!! I haven't been yardsaling, to the flea market, etc. for about a year now! :( Oh I miss it!

Hey- if you need extra crystals for your chandy, let me know. I think I have a whole ziploc bag of them somewhere.....somewhere. HAH!


Lisa said...

Great finds! I love love love thrifting! I am very envious of your chandelier!

Found your blog through FL!
Come check out mine if you'd like!