Friday, September 25, 2009

This time it's for real~

Melly will have surgery on Wednesday morning.
The prescription diet just didn't cut it. Though the mass of kidney stones looked better on the last x-ray, I think it's just too large to tackle. Perhaps if we had cought it a long time ago.
Poor kitty!
From what I've read, cats are better right after surgery and everyone was glad they went ahead with it.
I hope all goes well!


Joanne Kennedy said...

Poor kitty. My sister has kidney stones and she ended up at the ER two times. She now has to go in and have one broken up so it will pass. She said it hurt worse then giving birth. So you are doing the best thing for your kitty. You don't want her to be pain and she will feel much better after she gets those out.


Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Poor baby! I'm sure everyone will be happier if ya just get it taken care of. Such a pretty kitty.

Enjoy the weekend....God bless!!!

Colleen said...

Nikki, so sorry to hear your news about your kitty. I hope the surgery goes well and she will feel alot better.

Winchester Manor said...

Hi Nikki,

Sorry to hear about poor kitty, but I'm so glad you are getting her the help she needs to feel better...kidney stones hurt like crazy. What a wonderful fur mama you are!


Beansieleigh said...

Awww.. She looks just like my "Tuffy"! "Mommy's Big Boy" is 2 years old now! (There is a picture of him on my Sept. 4th post).. I wish Melly well with her surgery, and a speedy recovery! ~tina

Debbie said...

Poor kitty...everyone will be happier when it's all done...good luck on this....Blessings, Debbie

Harbor Hon said...

Sending healing prayers Melly's way. I know about kidney stones myself and I can't imagine being that little and having them. Ouchy! Here's hoping the surgery will help. xxoo

Tara said...

Good luck to your kitty. I'm sure Melly will pull through and make a full recovery. Our little dog has a gall stone that bothers her occasionally. It was caused by feeding her table scraps-the fatty kind. She's been strictly off the french fries for several years now and does much better.

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello Miss Nikki~ I've come by via Miss Justine....
I adore kitties! I'm sure it'll be a relief to you and Melly when she's feeling better. My kitty (Angel) suffered from crystals (from chronic UTI's) and had surgery too. I'm happy to report that was 15 years ago and she still going strong.

I hope you can stop by sometime. It's always nice meeting new friends.

Sweet wishes,

Justine said...

Oh, that poor baby! Will the kidney stones come back at some later time? How old is Melly?

Justine :o )

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Thinking of you and Melly. I know how worriesome this can be. Please keep us posted.


Heather said...


I am sorry to hear that Melly is going to have to go through surgery but will pray that she gets back to her old self soon!! Poor sweetie.

Keep us posted!!

Debra said...

Just letting all my followers know... I changed my url to


I hope kitty is better soon!

Jaede said...

Wishing Melly a speedy recovery. xxx