Friday, September 12, 2008

Cowboys and Cupcakes

Thursday was Cowboy/Cowgirl day at Nova's preschool. That's right up our alley! We even have little spurs for his boots but I thought it best to take them off for school.

He was so excited to go, rushing me to get out the door!
I LOVE this shirt! I bought him a 2T a few years ago at Old Navy. He wore it so often. It was too small this year and I mourned the thought of giving it up. I searched and searched ebay. Finally, it was being sold in a lot of old navy clothes with 4 pairs of jeans. I got them all for $20 including shipping, woohoo! This is a size 5. The sleeves are rolled up at the cuff, but I'm freaking out that it fits him this well! Even the reverse side of the cuffs are cute... and those snaps!!
*Click to see photos larger*
It was also my turn to bring snacks. The color this week is yellow, and they're still learning the first three numbers and letters so I put 123's and ABC's on their cupcakes. Yellow cake mix with yellow trim frosting, naturally!
Mmmm, what a yummy mess!
Had to add some sprinkles for more color~ There, that's better!
The boys and girls had a blast, yeeeehawwww! Looks like they've got an outlaw corraled!

What's this? Just one lonely cupcake left? How sad.

Let's take him out of his cup and see how he looks...



Harbor Hon said...

Nova looks great! Love that shirt! Glad he had a good time. I want a cupcake too. You make everything look so good. What a great designing mind you have. Thanks for sharing. xxoo

Jaede said...

Mmmmm cake............drool............. Nova looks adorable and I'm so glad you were able to find another shirt.

Unknown said...

What a handsome cowboy he makes! Those cupcakes look absolutely delish!

Tricia said...

From a retired elementary teacher, thanks for taking the spurs off! He looks like one of the cowboys I met in Tombstone last month!

Decor To Adore said...

Oh your cupcakes look so yummy! I am sure they were a big hit with the under 5 set.

Unknown said...

That little Nova is sooo stinkin' cute! How cool that you found him a shirt! What a great Mom you are!
I wish that I would have been able to put the wonderful effort and creativity into preschool that you do! Sometimes I feel jipped!

The cc's were perfect! A for penmanship! : )

Christie said...

Oh Nikki...Nova looks so cute in his cowboy attire! Kids are so cute....he looks like he's having fun! You got some great deals on ebay.... Don't ya just love ebay?! I sure do! The cupcakes look delish, glad you saved us one...LOL! Have a great week!

Ramona said...

What an adorable little cowboy. And, those cupcakes look delightfully yummy. :)

Ms. Tee said...

I clicked over here from Hooked on Houses. Your header is so unique! Also, your little boy is so cute in his cowboy hat. :)