Saturday, September 06, 2008

Nova bank~

Here is Nova's Piggy bank~
Here is Nova's Train bank~

birthday boy nova 021
And here is our NOVA bank~
Yes folks, today Nova swallowed a penny. Last night we had emptied the pig, (we keep it up on our entertainment center downstairs), and Nova put the money back in.
Then we went upstairs and got ready for bed, and he wanted to empty the train bank as well. So we emptied and refilled the train.
Evidently we missed a penny from the pig in the living room and he found it!!
I was gone doing hair for a wedding party. Kevin calls me and says, "I think Nova swallowed a coin." He said Nova came up to him and said, "you get the money out?" and pointed to his belly. UGH!!! (Insert parental hysterics here) Then he pointed to his esophagus area and said "I broke?" It must have been lodged there, hurting the little guy.
He had been eating raisins, so even if Kevin saw him do it he wouldn't have *known* he had anything else! Thank God he told daddy, and that it went down!
Off to Urgent Care they went. Yep~ looks like a penny, and it was already in his stomach. (Whew!)
Guess I'm on poop patrol tomorrow........
We just feel so blessed. He could've easily choked.
We're still in awe that he even did this! He will not try new foods, and many times will literally gag when trying to swallow something.
You just never know what these kids will do! If this is the worst that ever happens I will be SO happy!


Unknown said...

Not to make a joke, but I hope that everything comes out alright!

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy! Ihope it comes out as easily as it went in.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I'm so thankful he didn't choke!

Nik, this is the cutest post, the way you presented it is ingenuous! I couldn't help smile (after I read that he is okay!) Bless his little heart!

The "poop patrol" cracks me up!! Just consider it a "tip" for the diaper change!! LOL!


Susan said...

I'm so glad he is ok. Take care.

Justine said...

OMG, I nearly choked on my coffee when I scrolled to the picture of the Nova bank! Egads woman, you must have freaked! Thank goodness he was able to actually swallow it, although I can't imagine wanting to swallow a yucky penny.

Justine :o )

~Jonna~ said...

I cant wait to see the x-ray in person sis!! It will be a great learning experience!! LOL!


Richie said to tell Kevin to take some "patrol" pics!

Jaede said...

Oh my !!! I'm so glad he's OK and didn't choke, poor little guy.

One Shabby Old House said...

Your post was very funny but I know that that only comes after the panic attack. Glad to hear that he is alright and that this too shall Pass.

Life on the Edge said...

Oh my goodness! I would have freaked too!

Seems like my sons' emergency room visits always came when my ex was "watching" them. I remember getting called home from work on several occasions.

So glad he is okay though!


Anonymous said...

I am so relieved Nova didn't choke!!

On the bright side (pun intended)...that will be the shiniest coin you ever saw, the next time you see it, Nikki!

Unknown said...

Well thank goodness he's okay.

What a funny post!


Anonymous said...

So, Tiny-Man wants to know... "Mommy, why dosn't Mr. Nova know that penny's go to our banks, NOT to our tumblies!!??" HA! I bet Mommy Nikki wants to know the same thing, eh?! :p

I'm so glad that he's ok. What a nutty thing to try... :)

Val said...

Well, he's safe, and at least you're keeping your perspective and sense of humor about it all. :)

That Crazy Ajumma said...

Well,thank the good Lord he is alright!
I remeber those days when my kids were doing things like that.I wont tell you everything I have seen them

Terra said...

I am glad I discovered your blog; the name and concept are so pretty and creative, and I like your appreciation for "junque".
Come visit my blog. I am giving away a book this week.

Harbor Hon said...

So glad he told your husband. What a scary thing to happen. Kids are so ingenious, aren't they? And so innocent. Keep us posted. xxoo

Lallee said...

Boys! Gotta luv em. I'm glad all is well. I have a feeling this story will be told in the family for many years to come ;-)


Hi Nikki, I'm so glad that he is okay, oh what messes they can get themselves into!

One Shabby Old House said...

Hi Nikki,
Your comment made me look at my window again. I guess it could be wrong side out. I will really look at it next time we go.
How is your little one?

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh I can so relate to your angst!! My oldest son stuck a dried pea up his nose once and I was worried it would lodge in his sinuses. The things our kids do. Glad to hear Nova's "withdrew" the money!! lol..but seriously though!