Monday, October 06, 2008

A Child Called It

Hi folks! I'm terribly behind again....this week it's something new, which I'll post about soon.

But I'm still playing catch up from the last time I got behind in blogland.... I had read the book, A CHILD CALLED IT by Dave Pelzer. My sister is going for nursing and was urged to read it, and I had to borrow it. Read it in a few hours.
The book put me in a funk and I just didn't feel like blogging. Internet time was spent reading more about the author, whom the book is about.
As a young boy he was terribly abused by his mother. Abuse you wouldn't even think of. It was said to have been the 3rd worse case in CA in the 70's, and gee... I'd hate to know what the other two were!

What bothers me most about his story (besides what he went through), is that I don't believe the mother was insane. Sure, she had to have had some mental issues to do the things she did.... but everything she did was pre-meditated. She would wait till the rest of the family was gone to act out her horrific games. She was never convicted of any crime either. It also ticks me off that some people do not believe his story.

Even tho Dave Pelzer's story brought me down, I am not sorry I read it. It makes you more aware of what could be going on in a child's life. I feel I'd know more of what to look for if I suspected abuse. You can read more about Dave here.

I get infuriated quite often out in public, just viewing different parenting, or lack there of. I was in the fabric store a few weeks ago and there was a baby girl in a stroller, probably 9 months old or so. Cried bloody murder thru the place for what seemed an eternity. The mother and (I assume) grandmother did nothing, telling her to shut up.
No toys. No bottle or snack. No attention. No compassion.
She was crying SO hard she was choking. I finally went over and started to coo at the baby... smiling at her, talking baby talk... she stopped crying immediately~ her eyes lit up and she smiled. Her face was incredibly red and splotchy. I just wanted to smack these two stupid women. And I guess they were embarrassed that I came over. One of the things I asked the baby was "are you getting toofers?" They're like no, she ain't teething, she just likes to scream for nothing. UGH!! Babies do NOT scream for NOTHING. We may not always know the problem or understand WHY, but they do not cry like THAT for no reason.

They left the store and I watched them. I was going to see what they did when they got in the car. But alas, they didn't go to their car, they kept walking around the strip mall. I can't help but wonder how they treat her at home.

Ok, so enough of all that. Heather told me it might help to blog about it, and it has. So thank you for reading!


Heather said...

I am glad you blogged about this. I am the same way when we are out in public. There are some times when I probably overstep my bounds but I can't help it. I seeing children being mistreated out in public and think "If they are being treated like this out in public, what are they enduring at home when no one is there to see it?" It makes me want to hug my kids and not let go.
Hope you have a great day sweetie!

Susan Hickam said...

I read that book a few years ago- Very challanging to finish it. If I recall the other two cases of worse abuse didn't survive it. It is hard stuff but necessary to be aware of. You are right-babies don't just cry for no reason.

Justine said...

I read this book years ago, and although I don't remember the details (didn't she lock him in a small closet?) I remember it having that effect on me too, Nikki.
And it sounds like that mother in the store was abusive too, telling her tiny baby to shut up! Oh my goodness!!!!!!!! I'm glad you took the time and courage to give that poor baby a minute or two of gentle talk.

Justine :o )

~Jonna~ said...

And to think you didn't want to read it! Oh well, with this book I am sure many other lives have been saved!

Love ya Sis!


Unknown said...

That is such a good book. I think it's important that we look out for out little ones. I see nothing wrong in standing up for a wee one who cannot stand up for himself or herself. In that respect, if we do not over step that "bound" we are doomed as a society!

Christie said...

Hey Nikki,
I haven't read this book before, but that's so sad. God Bless his little heart. By the way...I can't believe those women in the store. Ugh! That those women would tell a baby to shut-up. That's sad. I'm glad that you could offer the little girl some attention,that's probably all that the child needed and they were too busy ignoring the child to see that. I hope you'll feel better since you blogged on the subject. I think everyone here understands how you feel....

Anonymous said...

Powerful and thought provoking post, Nikki!

Unknown said...

I have picked this book up several times to read. Everytime I put it back. I had a feeling it would effect me the same way. I'm sure you are extra sensitive since you have a little boy. I just don't understand what snaps in a persons head to make them think that they can treat a child this way... I believ it is pure evil!
Thanks for the thought provoking post!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I don't think I would be able to read that book. I get depressed to easily.


Anonymous said...

As heartbreaking as this story is, it is a great book. I know there is a sequel but have not read it yet. Have you?

Ang said...

Awww Man... :\ I know this is going to tear me up to read, but I'm gonna look for this book when we go to the library this weekend. I've never had a harder job than the one I have being Tiny-Man's mommy... It's tough at times, and it's the way we handle them that shape the way our children behave. It's a shame that we sometimes learn to be a "better" parent by the way other's treat their kids. (remember the stories I've told you about my SIL... :\.)