Sunday, December 07, 2008

Ugliest Christmas Sweater, Tales of a shoe hoarder episode eight~

Last night was my salon's Christmas party. The owners decided to have an ugliest Christmas sweater contest. Well, you know I'm game!! And boy did I find an U*G*L*Y one. The colors of the stripes alone are enough to make me want to yack. And I abhore this color red that looks faded with orange undertones.
Here's the description from the eBay auction:

I don’t know if there is anyone with the guts to wear this one! This is so CRAZY that I truly wonder about the person who decorated this one!

It has a HUGE bear wearing a fuzzy hat with one LARGE red ball in the center. He is holding a candy cane in one paw and a Christmas present in the other.

He has a white fuzzy furry cat with wiggly eyes that looks TERRIFIED! There are multi-colored sparkly pom-poms along the crew neckline as well as white pom-poms down the front of the bear and in a row underneath the bear and the cat. SWEET!
The back and sleeves have hidious yellow, blue, and green stripes on a red background. PRETTY!

This would be GREAT to wear to work during the Holidays or to that Ugly Contest Party. (If this doesn’t win I would be afraid to see what does). It would certainly liven up those BORING holiday dinners.

This sweater is made out of 100% acrylic and is a size large and measures 22 inches flat across the chest and 22 inches from the shoulder to the bottom edge. It measures 19 ½ inches from the underarm seam to the end of the sleeve.

Hopefully there is not another one like this in the whole WORLD!

HA!! The seller is

They have others, but there are plenty to be found on the bay if you need one!

But I couldn't stop there! I can't just do a sweater, I must have an entire ensemble you know! So I wrestled up my tree skirt and some candy cane tights; and naturally shoes to match. I wore my Grinch slippers for the judging...I've had these for about 10 years.

For dancing I added some jingle bells to my cute red and white shoes from Walmart!

Now, just what type of hairstyle does one wear with such a tacky outfit?

Why, a Christmas tree do of course!!
YES, this is my real hair! I put it up around a styrofoam cone and painted it green~(I ran out of paint)
Prior to the party, one of the girls asked me at work if I was going to wear a hat... *snicker*
*Click to enlarge*

Did I tell you spouses were invited to join in the fun? Mmm-hummm. Kevin and I joined forces on his get-up. He wore one of my granny shawl sweaters which I embellished with a creepy crocheted Santa face~ complete with strategically placed jingle bell eyes. NO undershirt. Ew.

Now I must tell you that Kevin didn't listen to me when I told him about the party. He thought it was going to be held at the salon. Nope. It was at a sports bar. He tried to bail, but I wouldn't let him!!

Here's a shot of the men's compition:

And the ladies...the compition was FIERCE!
See that red/green/white striped crocheted hat?? It's a toilet paper cozy, TOO FUNNY!!!

And get a load of those earrings! Another girl stuck peppermints to her shirt, she said she was tempted to put "suck for a buck" like on the lifesaver bachlorette shirts, lol! Now THAT would be tacky!!!
My outfit does NOTHING for my figure; I look like a Macy's parade float. But it added to the tacky allure I think...
So... guess who won?


Harbor Hon said...

I'm saying you won, hands down! I love what you did with your hair! So pretty and festive, but yes, that sweater was a looker. Even Kevin seemed to be having fun what with a couple of beers. :) Thanks for sharing this wonderful even with us. xxoo

Lallee said...

What a hoot of fun! I love this idea. I'm guessing you had to be the winner--head to toe. Tell Kevin to promise never to wear that outfit in public again. ROFL!

Loved seeing Nova's first snowman.

paintergal said...

Oh. my. gosh.
Girl, if you didn't win, the contest was rigged!
I absolutely love how you go all out for your costumes. How long did it take to do your hair? Utterly fabulous!

Maija said...

You look absolutely adorable, but that it truly the ugliest sweater I have ever seen! It combines, together, everything that is bad abut Christmas sweaters!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! hahahahahahahaha!

That Crazy Ajumma said...

Nikki,thats about the best hair style ever!
I've had to muffle my lols cos everyone is still asleep...and OMGosh yes,that is probably the ugliesy sweater I've seen!
Looks like you all had a great fun!

Unknown said...

Sooo...who won!?!

Unknown said...

I have that sweater.... Just kidding! : )

If you didn't win then I just don't know what to think. Your hair alone should have sealed the deal....

Looks like the party was a blast!


Jaede said...

I'm speechless !!! What a fun idea and Kevin was a good sport. Well did you win ???? Your hair was amazing xxx

Harbor Hon said...

Jewelygirl Loves Jewelry is showing the same Gone With The Wind brooch that you showed a while back.

Just thought you'd like to know. xxoo

Traci @ The Bakery said...

Yep, if you didn't win it HAD to of been RIGGED!!!

Our youth are having the tacky sweater party Saturday....can you hurry and mail me the We are headed out Wednesday to find some.....YEEHAW!!!

Lori said...

OMG your hair was fab!!! Congrats!!!!! Lori

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I'm saying you won! It's a rather hideous looking outfit, the ugliest by far...WAY TO GO! LOL!

Your hubbs looks just (err, um) fab?

. said...

Ahahahahahahahahaaaahaaah! You've given me the best laugh I've had all year. Oh, that sweater!!! And poor Kevin. He must be a great sport!

You, dahling have some fabulous hair! It reminds me of the Halloween I went as Planet Claire. Er, ahem, rather I dressed like my true self.

I wish I worked in a fun salon like you do. What a blast that would be. We don't have any decor and aren't even having a party. Boo! Your party must have been a riot!

Thanks for sharing and making me smile.


Justine said...

Oh, please tell me you won, because that is the ugliest, tackiest sweater I've ever clapped eyes on. BUT, your hair was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! What a totally cool idea!

Justine :o )

Anonymous said...

It had to be you, Nikki! Your costume and hair was fabulous. Kevin's not bad either!

Aunt Ruth and Jim went to a sale, at the Linc. Co Fairgrounds, Sunday. Not many bidders. A complete suite of victorian parlor furniture went for $400. Aunt Ruth would have loved to have it but no room. You would have loved it I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You MUST have won, hands down. Love your hair, just got all
mine cut off again on purpose. Easier with wimpy hair.
Thanks for the idea, perhaps we need an Ugly Christmas Sweater party here in Bloomington. Thanks also for the great musical playlist. Gave me some great ideas for playing on Christmas Day. I'll be on from 1-3 pm EST and everyone can listen online at It'll no doubt be a crazy mix of music as usual on WFHB.

One Shabby Old House said...

I can now say I have seen everything. Your hair was so cute.
Did you really use paint? However did you get it out of your hair or are you wearing it all throught the season
Very funny my friend.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

This is too funny! All the pics didn't come up, I'll have to come back to see your hair, etc.


Christie said...

Oh Girl!
This whole post is hilarious and wonderful....I love to laugh and this made me laugh, you are a looked like you all had so much fun too! I hope you won....I loved the hair...amazing! Darling Husband looks adorable too...that cracked me up! Merry Christmas sweetie!

Life on the Edge said...

I love that the person selling the sweater just knew it was really ugly! lol What an awesome idea for your hair! Love it! Of course, you won as no one else would even have come close.

Poor Kevin, that is really one demented, but hilarious outfit! Then again, he is the one that put it on! I hope he won too.


La Tea Dah said...

Nikki, you are TOOOOO much! What a wonderfully awesome party! I hope you won --- you should have with that terrific hairdo! And Kevin's shirt --- so funny! You go girl! It looks like you had a great time!


Unknown said...

Well if you didn't win then they were blind or the judging was fixed ha ha ha ha! That was totally awesome hilarious! That sweater description was hilarious too! Thanks for sharing it!
~TattingChic ♥