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Hello and welcome to the Wizard of Oz Gala,
hosted by
Twyla and Lindsey at Two Crazy Crafters!

To get the party started, let's have some wine~ shall we?
Back in April, we went to see a Wizard of Oz museum in Wamego, KS and next to it was a great little winery;
Oz Winery. I just LOVE their logo, cool eh?
The wine was wonderful! I've never experienced such a good wine tasting, there was *something* special in each one.
Isn't the tin ceiling gorgeous!?
It was hard to decide which wine to take home.... so it came down to which bottle I liked best, lol! I chose the O.E.O. An incredible, flavorful dry red wine with a hint of vanilla. They all had cute names too, such as Witch in a Ditch~
Ok... let's get on down the yellow brick road... (just don't drink and drive!)
Here I am in my ruby slippers, ready for some candy a few years ago~
This was about the third time I had worn the outfit for Halloween. The dress is very special to me because my Grandma helped me make it. Not to mention I was huge when I first wore it... and had to take it in twice, woohoo!
Nova was only 18 months old! Doesn't he make a "dandy" lion?
Mommy and Nova
I looked all over for a good tutorial for Dorothy's hair. These are the best two,
Both of them always have awesome hair videos.
I do my Dorothy 'do a bit differently, but much like the first video. I wanted to do a tutorial for you but didn't get around to it. Plus, it would've been alot better before I cut my long red hair and dyed it brown~
My hair was layered in that pic so I had no fluff to curl at the ends.

Being a hairdresser, I can't help myself but watch the hairstyles in movies like a hawk. I can always tell when scenes were redone, ect.
Look at how short and kind of thin Dorothy's braids/curls are in the black and white segment... and then notice how many times her extensions change during the scarecrow scene. Cracks me up! Her haircolor varies as well throughout the film; reds are notorious for that... Just like Rose in Titanic.

Before getting to Wamego, we stopped in Kansas City for a Wiz exhibit at Crown Center.
Nova liked pretending to be a tree...
And melting the Wicked Witch!
I made a special dress just for the trip, in Wizard of Oz fabrics. (Hi Colleen!)
The pattern is Retro Butterick 4790.

Help, help!!HPIM8391
Going into the haunted forrest inside the Wamego museum... ooooohhhh I DO beleive in spooks!!
I enjoyed seeing all the different books by Baum, such beautiful covers! Both the Crown Center and Wamego exhibits were fun, filled with tons of memoralbia. Lots of dolls, books, and info. I bought a book, "The Wizardry of Oz".
A must for Wiz collectors!HPIM8527

Next up.... you just won't beleive your eyes!
An amazing hand made quilt by Sarah Lassiter. She quilted every scene in amazing detail! I love how she used the sepia fabrics for the black and white parts.

Dorothy and Glinda's dresses were 3-D! These photos do not do her talent justice. I stood there in awe for quite a while!

I didn't touch it, honest! I just held my finger up to show the scale and unbelievable detail. Did you see the little hand stitched monkeys flying out of the witch's castle?
Do you know who this is?burke_b
Why, it's Billie Burke! She played Glinda. Isn't she beautiful? She was born in 1884, can you believe it? She was 55 years old when she played the good witch of the North~


I tried loading a copy of a cassette tape recording of me reciting the WIZ when I was 8 years old... er, almost 30 years ago. It is quite a hoot! But youtube rejected it for length, so back to the drawing board. I'll figure it out some time!

Thanks for "dropping in"! You'll have to catch a balloon ride or click your heels to get home. But before you go, be sure to visit the other participants in the Wizard of Oz Gala over at Twyla and Lindsey's!

You may also see my past posts on OZ, which include the Wamego, KS OZ museum, how I made my poppies dress, and how to make your own Ruby Slippers! Click
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flickr album.
Happy 70th Anniversary
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Donna said...

Hi, Nikki!

Isn't this a fun party? Thanks for the tour and the pics. Billie Burke was beautiful! She made a beautiful witch to be in her 50's.
I just loved your hair in those pics. I wish you could have done the video.
Did you ever try Bettie Page bangs?

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to go to a wine tasting...and I will someday!

Your post is awesome! You are a cute Dorothy!!☺

A Southern Rose said...

I love this post! You make the prettiest Dorothy! I love your outfit! Nova did make a precious lion. He is a doll! That quilt is amazing! Just think of all of the time that she put into it. So creative! Glenda was always my favorite in the movie. I have seen her in other movies and her voice was always the same. Even if I didn't know that it was her in the movie her voice would give her away! Have a great day!

Lee Laurie

Decor To Adore said...

Oh I LOVE WOO! I was Dorothy my senior year of high school.

I went to the wonderful museum in Grand Rapids, MI where Judy Garland was born. Truly lovely!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What an amazing post! I love the book...need to find one! Very neat to see everything! Thanks!

Visit me, too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Oz Day! You and your little Lion were so cute!

I'm not a hair dresser but I *was* really noticing Dorothy's hair when we watched the movie last night! ♥

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I am speechless! All I can think is Wow, Wow, Wow! That dress is magnificent. I have never heard of the Oz winery, so that was a treat to see (thanks for the pictures). You shared wonderful information that just made this whole post a sweet delight in every way. Thank you for participating in our celebration today! Twyla

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Such a cute post, Nikki!

Jaede said...

Nikki, what a wonderful post, I enjoyed it very much. I just love Billie Burke she made being ditzy an art form. I hope I look that good at 55

Jorgelina said...

Hi Nikki!
Very cute post!
Wonderful museum.
That dress is adorable.
Your blog is charming.
magical hugs.

Colleen said...

Nikki, I have loved reading all of your Wizard of Oz post. thank you so much for including the beautiful appliqued quilt from the museum! Also, I enjoyed your Hello to me!!! How sweet of you!! This is a fine day for the Wizard of Oz gala.

Valerie said...

What a fun post and what a great trip.

You look absolutely beautiful in the dress you made - loved the details you provided about the pattern and photos.

Thanks for fascinating facts and photos about Billie Burke - as a child I always thought the mean wicked witch was older (she was about 39 in movie) and thought Glinda was just lovely and much younger.

Just signed up for your gala GWTW ball!

Jessica said...

I loved everything in your post. Your dress you made was amazing!!! What a fun post!
I made Glinda some jewelry on my post :) Stop by if you have a moment :)

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

Awesome post! You make THE most BEAUTIFUL Dorothy!!! I loved seeing all the pics from the "oz" themed places you've been! Great job!!!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

This was so much fun, I enjoyed it a lot! I didn't get mine done:-(


Tiffany said...

OK, You win, hands down! This is so awesome! I love your dress, previous posts, and pictures! WOW! I mean it WOW!! And that dress rocks! Love like the green shoes better than the red ones. Too cute! Glad I came! ~Blessings!

Lori said...

If you get any more adorable I'll have to call you the Lollipop Girl!!! I loved your outfits!! Thanks so much for sharing, you dol you! Lori

Justine said...

Ooh, great pics, Nikki! Did you just say that you dyed your hair BROWN? Oh no no. You did NOT just say that.

Justine :o )

Bearly Sane said...

Lovely post ... sorry I missed you yesterday.
The photos of you and your little boy and Billie Burke are wonderful.

Winchester Manor said...

Holy Moly that was fun! You make the perfect, most gorgeous Dorothy!! The dress you made is fabulous and I'm loving your floral dress, the green shoes and the hand bag...heck, I love everything!

Lallee said...

Nikki, that was soooooo fun! I can't wait to see the movie again and watch those hairdos. LOL How fun it must be for Nova seeing the world through your eyes. I want to see your video. Maybe you could cut it and load in parts. I can't believe Billie Burke was 55 when she made the movie. She is gorgeous!

Rue said...

What a fun post :)

I had no idea Glinda looked like that or how old she was in the movie. She really was gorgeous even at 55!


The Wrought Iron Gate said...

Your Wizard Of Oz post is so much fun. Loved your Dorothy dress, and the dress you're wearing in the Wamego museum photos, is wonderful. Great emerald green shoes, as well.
I've never seen the young Billie Burke photo, she was lovely.

Best Wishes,

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

This is such a wonderful tribute to WOZ !You were a marvelous Dorothy and your son was a very cute Cowardly Lion. The other dress you made is just fantastic !I love the pics of Billie Burke,Glenda is my favorite WOZ character. Also , your hair is very beautiful in all pics.
Thanks for stopping by my party and leaving the sweet comment.
ps , I"m glad you came by because I thought I had left you a comment before .But I followed your link and went off and bought some WOZ inspired cloth online and forgot to come back and comment.Thanks for the link , that material came today in mail. 8-)

The Vintage Vagablonde said...

That was a great post...I love your outfits.....I think you were born in the wrong ~era.

You really personify Old~glamour....Not sure if I worded that right.....your not old..just glamorous~lol

Going to run and browse the rest of your blog..I know I have been here before..there are so many great blogs and it is hard to keep track of them.

I will be back soon~Sheri

Betty said...

Wow. This is a great post Nikki! Your dress that you wore to the museum is amazing and that quilt is wonderful. Both of you are talented seamstresses!

Colleen said...

Nikki!!! I just saw you being "precious" on the Quilting Treasures Wizard of Oz page! How nice that we share that honor!

Christie said...

What a fun Wizard of Oz post! You and Nova look so cute too...that picture will be extra special when he grows up, and looks back on that! You have the best costumes!
Big Hugs,