Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Under the knife...

As we "speak". I'm so nervous, I hope Melly is doing OK.
Thank you everyone for your well wishes!
She is always very affectionate, but seemed extra cuddly last night as if she knew something was up.
In other news, here is how my cabinet is looking in the craft room so far. Still need to do the right side shelves and trim it all out, but I am loving it already!

Also, the salon that I work at moved to a new location this past weekend. Yesterday was my first day working there. Saturday I got up before daylight (yawn!) and had to do a wedding party at the bride's house, then drove on to the new salon to help move and set up. It looks amazing. I love the colors. Here's a peek!
My station is to the right of the round mirror back there~
shampoo area
This is our lovely receptionist, Pat~
Our lovely receptionist!
This is the left side of the salon, (from where you enter), and I'm waaaay over on the right side. That door leads to our breakroom.
Thank you Debbie and Cheri for creating this fabulous atmosphere to work in!

Busy, busy, busy here folks. I will visit you all as soon as I can!


Colleen said...

Praying for you and Melly. The cabinet looks great lots of room to store all your goodies. The salon is fabulous I wish you could do my hair, I am in need of new hilights and cut. My niece does my hair, she and I have have both been sick and haven't found time when we both are well. Someday soon!

A Southern Rose said...

I wish we lived closer to each other so that you could be my new hair dresser! I'm seriously thinking about doing something different! I love your new salon! What a pretty place to work at!

I love your new cabinets too. So much room!

Your kitty will be fine and so much better!

Lee Laurie

MelMel said...

I do hope that Melly is ok...thinking of you!

that wardrobe looks lovely...x

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I'm so happy that you and Melly are gettin' through this thing together. I'm sending her my speedily recovery prayers. The cabinetry is just beautiful. The salon is to die for.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Oh poor Melly! Zoe, Gur & Misty send their best wishes to little Melly!!

Wow what a grand place to work in! It's fabulous! ANd love that corner cabinet you're working on too. Very clever. I love the use of doors to make units like that.

Hugs, Sherry

Tara said...

It looks like a beautiful salon. I'm glad you are enjoying your new place. It makes the work environment so much nicer when you like the people around you. Sending up good thoughts for Miss Melly too!

Anonymous said...

How's Mellie? Good, I pray. She so reminds me of my precious Mew-mew. Black and white kitties have a place in my heart! Your Mellie has such a heart-melting, pretty little face ;)
Anxiously awating good news....