Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to the cake decorator "extraordinaire"

Here is my pretty and talented mom! This was taken at my brother's wedding a year ago~

Here's a recent pic, my brother with their new baby. Grandma is very happy!

I'm going celebrate my mother by bragging about one of her favorite hobbies; her cake decorating talent. (You may want to stop and grab a glass of milk!) She used to take orders when I was little, now she just does it for fun, or for people she knows. Here she's adding "Luna" the moon to my son's Bear in the Big Blue House cake from his second birthday.

This is the Toy Story cake I was telling you about. I asked her to do Andy's room, it turned out so cute! The blocks are cake too, and the headboard is a cookie.

She made this cowboy hat cake for my son's first birthday. Yeehawww, carrot cake!

My wedding cake~ these photos don't do it justice

My brother's wedding cake~

A replica of my inlaw's original cake for their 50th wedding anniversary~ along with photos of the cake from their wedding day

Here's the original!

My cousin's cake~ the couple wanted a very earthy/woodsy cake with fairies. The bride got tears in her eyes when she saw it! Ladybugs, acorns, leaves and wild mushrooms adorn this cake.

A fall wedding cake~

Her most recent cake for a western themed wedding anniversary~complete with edible barbed wire

She also does pannoramic sugar eggs for Easter. I have my friend Becca to thank for this photo from as I don't have a decent pic. Everything is edible, even the bunny, chic, and birdbath. I always loved Easter time because I got to eat any critters that got broken! My dad usually helped do the bunny faces.

Gingerbread is another art of my mom's. She has won a few prizes in contests she's entered. One was a trip to Florida. The chef that she beat was a sore loser and destroyed his own creation after the judging! The house in these pictures was a display at a contest and had been there quite a while by this point, so some of the decoration was begining to fall off. (People pick at them too!) See the stained glass window?


Life on the Edge said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a post! I just love this post about your mother. She is so pretty and so talented! Those cakes are awesome, and its so cool to see people asking for creative cakes. My own wedding cake fell the morning before the wedding. I had a Precious Moments figurine exactly like the one on the autumn cake and the grooms head fell off! I look back now and realize it was prophetic, lol.

So fun that you like Gone with the Wind! My daughter is named Tara, but I confess she wasn't named after Scarlett's home.

LTD said...

WOW,WOW and WOW. Your mom is amazingly talented at making cakes. I so enjoyed looking at all of her creations.

Donna said...

Hi Nikki!! Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you stopped by my blog so that I then found yours! WOW is all I can say about your mom and her cake decorating skills! She is fantastic! Thanks for the kind comments on my blog, my mom's post, and our fur babies, past and present :)... Donna (An Enchanted Cottage)

Little House By The Sea said...

Your Mother is a very talented lady, I love these cakes.

Sarah x

Lallee said...

Fabulous post. Loved seeing your pretty mom and the wonderful cakes. I think the Toy Story is my favorite. How will she ever top that one????

Rue said...

Oh my! Your mom is so talented!! The woody cake is incredible, but all of them are really beautiful :)

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Your mom is mega-talented (and pretty too!)
I treasure the beautiful egg she created for me, that you presented to me...... so lovely!

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Thank you everyone! Yep.. nothin' like licking the bowl while I was growing up! But ya know, I actually can't stand too much icing these days and that's probably why!

Unknown said...

My goodness, your Mom is one talented lady! Those are some amazing cakes!