Friday, May 30, 2008

Let's go back in time...

The history of our house is very important to me. I have tried looking up everything I can. The owners before us had lived here since the 80's. Then my mother-in-law said she knew the lady who lived here in the 70's. I contacted her and was so delighted as she shared stories and photos with me.

Here is our home now, or within the last few years~
(it had just stormed so my bunting was soggy!)

This is the smoke house, now being used as a pool house.

And here are the photos from 1972. You will notice the house was sided. While scraping the old paint in '72, the owner contacted lead poisoning. Thus the siding went up. Unfortunately the siding butchers removed all the trim from around the windows. Thank goodness they left the details around the attic window, but it was still cut on the outer edges. How I would love to remove the siding and paint the old clapboard~ but alas, we cannot afford it and we certainly don't want anything to do with hazardous lead either.

(gotta love the old "Fox Photo" ones!)

I wish I could find information from the early 1900's, but I keep hitting dead ends. I'll keep trying though!


joyh82 said...

Beautiful house! Reminds me of my Great Grandma's house in IL.
It is so neat to have a house with history. I would love to see the inside as well.

Life on the Edge said...

I love old houses. You have a great porch! Looks like the perfect place to sit out on a rocking chair drinking tea or lemonade! The buntings look great, and so patriotic!

Rue said...

Your house is so cute!! My mom had to wear special masks to take the lead paint off the inside walls of her old house. It was a huge mess! I don't know why they always have to take the trim away. Such a shame.

I love that picture you used for a Christmas card. It was perfect :)


GibsonGirl said...


I enjoyed the photos of your house.

We have tried locating an old photo of our home before it was sided and when the original porch was up. No luck. Got a great one of the Queen anne next door in the 1920s. Same man built ours and that one. Try posting an ad in a Historical Society newslatter--or write up your house and at end, ask for info and photos. This worked in prpoviding us a pic of our original porch, although too close to see the entire house.

Good luck on your search and thanks for sharing.

Christie said...

Hey Nikki,
I have had such a fun time browsing your past and the hubby are so lucky to own this old beautiful home. It will hold very special memories for you both I'm sure, especially as you both grow old there. I'm sure you'll vividly recall all of the renovations and how proud you were of each one! I love the porch! Don't forget to enter me in your giveaway okay!
Big Hugs,