Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What's taking so long?! (long post!)

What's taking so long to get the bathroom finished you might ask? Well, we had an unexpected repair to attend to first.

We have an old dilapidated shed out back that somewhat serves as a shelter for our *junque* and the lawn mower. It is not a pretty shed, let me warn you.

I recently went out to take a bit of inventory when I noticed the roof had been leaking... and leaking for quite some time. I had this open tote up on a shelf and there was 3 inches of murky water in it! ACK!

What really breaks my heart is that I had a life size stand up Rhett and Scarlett that my mom fought hard to get for me years ago. She worked at a retail store and this was the display for the new VHS. I don't even know WHY it was in the shed, it should've been in the house. And I don't know WHY it was on the FLOOR of the shed and not up some where. But alas, Rhett and Scarlett's feet are shriveled beyond repair. So, I severed their tootsies and brought them in the house where they belong. *sniff*
Here are their feet~ underneath all of these boxes and stuff is my clawfoot tub for the upstairs bathroom some day.



This all lead to going through more boxes that I had stored out there. Some of this stuff has been in storage for about 10 years or more. I found a lot of goodies that I had forgotten about. I found lots of mice nests and one big ol' fat mouse jumped out of the box I was looking through. Good thing I'm not afraid of them, but he did startle me!

*NOTE* some of these photos might show my toes. I had painted my nails with a dark pink, but then they got heavy overspray from painting the bathroom tile. So that's why they look so gross, lol!

I found a box of elementary school work that my mom had saved for me. It's so cool that she kept all this stuff, but I thought... what am I going to do with it all? Store it in a tote for the next 50 years? So I went through it and saved some of the cuter stuff, and pitched the rest. Which really killed me. I'm a true pack rat.
Here's an assignment that I thought was pretty amusing. I think I was 6 or 7 when I wrote this. Can you not help but laugh?


I found these teapots! I collect them for my kitchen. These particular two had been my ex-husband's grandmother's. He and I were restoring her home to live in back in '95. I came home one day to see his family throwing stuff out and burning it. I was mortified! I rescued what I could. Some vintage linens and such. There is also another little teapot that I found without a lid. My little bro, who was about 11 at the time, was out playing in the fire~ naturally. While digging around in it he found the charred lid to the teapot! Bless his little heart!
Here's that charred teapot in the center~

2004 xmas 024

Next I found these goodies. I never grew up you see. I was an adult when I got these Barbie items for gifts. Of course I had to have that Barbie Beauty Salon. And I still play with dolls! I adore that hand painted cheshire cat. He hung in my room as a teen.

I had been wondering where some of my grandma's old vintage purses were! Here they are! And see that vintage tablecloth in the background? I sent that to Kim as I knew it would be perfect for Daisy Cottage.

I also found my mannequin head from beauty school. I was so excited! But when I picked her up, clumps of hair fell out! It's human hair and I guess it rotted out where it was attached. UGH! Is nothing sacred!? I took an old brush and went through it till it seemed to stop coming out. I hope what's left will stay. She's the doll I did my State Board haircut on, very sentimental! No pic, she's just freaky looking.

We have these great balusters. There are two bundles. I hope we have enough for a balustrade on our porch, but I doubt it.

We believe they came from this home, (tho we found them in the shed of another neighbor's home.) This house was across the street from our last home. Harely, the owner at the time is standing in front. We put a contract on it and after inspection we were told it had the WORST case of termites the guy had ever seen. So we pulled out. I bought some great things at the auction after poor ol' Harley passed tho. Someone has since bought the house, and while they are fixing it up I don't like what they're doing to it.

The Shilling house-where the

Old crochet projects... this is a "John Deere" sweater that I never finished for my nephew at the time. (My ex's brother's boy). I had bought little John Deere tractor buttons and everything. But this was my first attempt at crocheting something to WEAR, and I got WAY off on my stitching and gave up.
If you squint you will see some of my junque chair collection. Kevin says I can NOT bring home another chair, ever. Hmpf. He doesn't scare me! You probably can't tell, but I can count 7 chairs looking at this pic, lol... one of which I'll be bringing in for our back porch transormation soon.


So, poor Kevin had to climb up there and patch the roof. See the big brown section on the left?

The ice storms we had this winter must have caused the damage. I remember now there being a huge limb laying on the roof, but when the ice melted it sprang back up. Here's a video I took of the ice. HEEee! I just played it and it's late and very quiet here. Melly is laying on the desk with the speaker right at her ear. She about leaped out of her fur when she heard the crunch-crunch! *WARNING* this video might make you dizzy, lol! My batteries were low and I was trying ot hurry.


. said...

Wow! I'm so sorry about the cutouts. That's a bummer. Oh, but what a treasure trove of memories you came upon!


P.S. My mannequin head is freaky, too. It only comes out at Halloween. ;)

Heather said...

I am so sorry about your water damage. We had water in the basement of our last house and so much was stored down there. The renter never went to the basement so it's hard to tell how long stuff had been wet. We lost a lot but I managed to save a lot too! I spent 13 days cleaning and soaking, and handwashing my antique and vintage linens to get mold and mildew out. Well worth it to me!
I love your ice video! It did make me a little dizzy though! LOL!!!
Have a great evening sweetie!
-Heather :)

Rue said...

Rhett and Scarlett's feet?? I shall wear black tomorrow... oh wait... I always do LOL Seriously though, that's awful! Loved your school work ... hehehehehehe...


Justine said...

Holy crap, woman, you've got a collection problem! How much stuff CAN you cram into one shed? Heeheehee! I loved your ice storm video. I was actually giggling as I listened to your feet crunching.

Justine :o )

Life on the Edge said...

Wow, you've been busy! Looks like it was fun going through the boxes and re-discovering all that stuff. Too bad about Rhett and Scarlett's feet though. Oh well, you salvaged what you could and I'm sure they didn't feel a thing.

I especially love those teapots and the beautifully lined suitcase and all those vintage purses!


Jaede said...

I loved your ice video, it was so still and quiet except for your crunching. Sorry to hear about the leak in the shed. Oh when I get to go through my storage unit I will be uncovering long lost treasures too. I'm pleased you saved the teapots, the things some people throw away, breaks your heart.

Krissie said...


Sorry to hear about your cutouts and the water damage.

As far as the mouse though I would still be running and screaming~LOL

Love,love,love the purses and the suitcase they are in.

Krissie :)