Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Great, juuuuust great...

You bloggin' friends have worn out my mouse! I can no longer scroll down! Too much blog reading says I. I have an extra one I think... But geeeeeeez, I gotta pull out the desk from the wall and if you could see how it's set up, it will not be an easy task. Until then I'm going to go crazy, esp. now while I'm trying to play catch up with everyone! :p


Justine said...

Hey girl, great post!!!!!!!!! And happy 4th to you! Question. Do your neighbors think you're just a bit dotty with your love of all that is vintage? I can just picture you walking down the street in one of your vintage dresses with shoes and bag to match. I think you were born in the wrong era!!!!!!!!!
Justine :o )

kari and kijsa said...

Happy Fabulous Fourth! Everything looks beautiful!!Thanks so much for joining in the parade- your flags and photos are lovely!

Happy Independence Day!
kari & kijsa