Thursday, August 21, 2008

First day of Pretty School!

let freedom ring

My baby Nova has started preschool! (Or as he calls it, Pretty School). I didn't try to correct him till I got it on video first, lol!
Click here for the video~ we were going to orientation. I turned the camera off rather abruptly because I was cracking up at the look on his face at the end...might hafta turn it up.
Here is his little paint smock! I ordered it from Etsy. I didn't expect it to come with the paint set, how cute! I thought that fabric looked familiar! It's the same fabric as his bedding, only a smaller scale and the cowboys are wearing different colors.

Easter 2006 037

Here are some pics from orientation. He likes the "big" toys, such as the playhouse.

We measured Nova against his big cactus for his first day of school. The last time we measured was his birthday in April. He's grown about two inches! So he's 38 & 3/4" tall. See him sporting his monkey stance? He loves Curious George and goes around making monkey noises.

Then we had breakfast~ french toast, milk, and a vitamin.

James has to join him of course...

All set to go! He kept saying "I want to go to pretty school!"

Little footprints were there to guide him in.

He started playing right away... loves this train.

It is about 10:45 AM as I'm starting this post. I have to pick him up at 11. My stomach has been in knots since I left him at about 9 AM. I thought he was doing good... as he was playing with the train, I was sneaking out. I was all the way to the door and I turned to snap one more pic. That's when he looked over at me~ stuck out his arms~and cried "You take me!" UGH!! So then I had to hang around another 10 minutes or so trying to calm him down. I don't know who was more upset. I hope he's having fun this whole time, because I sure ain't!! He had been so excited to go too. And I am worried about his potty training business. He's been doing excellent at home, and will even go into the bathroom by himself. I'm afraid he'll have an accident there since it's out of the norm for him. Poor little guy!!

*Well, I'm off to pick him up!*

Crossing my fingers~

Ok.... now it's about 12:15 PM. I went in and he was fine... he saw me, smiled, and came running! Too cute! The teacher said he did cry a bit after I left, but then he started doing monkey see- monkey do. It's still hard to know he was upset and I couldn't be there to console him.

He didn't go potty the entire time! I took him in before we left the school and boy did he go. Little trooper held it in the whole 2 1/2 hours. I'm so proud of him.

It about broke my heart as another little boy who had been a bit upset when the mommies left was looking all round for his mommy when I got there. The look on his face~almost frantic... so sad! Like he was the ONLY one who's mommy wasn't gonna show, lol! But she did of course and he was fine.

He talked about the little girls a lot, and said they had "sucker cake" for a snack. Hmmm? I think they were cupcakes...

What? You have something for me? Ooo,what is it?!

Awwww... Mommy loves you too!

I've since taken Nova out to my inlaws, as I have to go to work soon. I guess today wasn't SO bad. I just hope it's better when he goes back next Tuesday!


ThisleRose said...

This is soooooo freakin cute! LOL "pretty school"!!!! Glad to hear it was fun for him and that you survived! :-)

ThisleRose said...

This is soooooo freakin cute! LOL "pretty school"!!!! Glad to hear it was fun for him and that you survived! :-)

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

What a precious video! I know it is so hard to leave them the first time at school...harder for the Moms than the children :-)

Christie said...

Hey Nikki! Bless your heart and your precious little boy's heart.I know when little one's start school, no matter how old they get a mama worries...we just can't help it. I've prayed alot of prayers for my two boys this week. That's all I know to do, is say a little prayer for them. They started back on Monday. Nova is a cutie. I love the little smock you ordered. That's cute! I know how hard it is to leave them at school that first time. Don't you worry....he will be fine. Oh, I just love what he calls preschool...pretty school.... what a little optimist. My little Ryan used to call Father's Day, Farter's Day when he was little. You'll have to read my Father's Day post to Robert, my husband it gives the full details of the little speach problem Ryan used to have and the words that we will never forget! LOL! Kids say the cutest things. Thanks for sharing your day and it's gonna be okay. Don't you worry sweetie. Hope you have a great night!


Jill said...

Oh I remember when I first dropped Tyler off for was so unsettling and I cried a few tears. He loved it though and we sure loved that preschool. Some wonderful memories were made there.

Anonymous said...

Ahh Nikki...poignant time, isn't it? Nova is such a cute little old sweetie pie!

We were at Whole Foods again yesterday. Don't know what your dad looks like. Didn't know if he was working. Sure was nice not having the crowd like there was when we were there opening day. Spent way too much money!! Have to restrain ourselves. But we love the organic foods!

paintergal said...

Nova is so cute! I'm sure he will adjust fine. I'm taking my youngest to college on Saturday, empty nest is starting. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

38 and 3/4?! my inseam is 36!!lol

Unknown said...

Awh! That's so cute! sniff sniff...
It's great that you got the video. It sounds like you have him in a great Preschool and they will help him with the potty training I would think. My daughter is in her Sr year at College and I REALLY cherish all these wonderful memories... plus the fact that we just paid our last tuition bill! LOL! It all goes so fast. Really! It's not just a cliche!

Life on the Edge said...

Oh my gosh, did your heart just want to leap out of your body and stay there all morning with your baby on his first day of "pretty school?" I know thats how I felt when all of mine went to their first days of school. He is just too sweet and precious, and you're right, his face in that video gets so funny!

I wonder if the "sucker cake" is a cupcake on a stick, like lollipops? Almost forgot to say how cool that paint smock is! It's certainly the best one I've ever seen. So glad he...and YOU...survived his first day!


Rue said...

Good morning Nikki :)

You poor thing... I've gone through it twice. The night before the first day of school for Alex, I cried like a baby and when we got there I expected hysterics from him and do you know what? He looked at me, said I love you and took off running towards the play area. No tears, no being upset, nada LOL

With Annie, it was the total opposite. She hated leaving me and still does. My little shadow :)

Nova was so darn cute in that video I just wanted to give him a big ol' squeeze :)

By the way, you have a really lovely voice!


Anonymous said...

Aww!! Yay for Nova! He's getting so big Nikki... I just can't believe that our little March '05 babies are big boys now. :) (((hugs))) for all of you's from all of us!

Justine said...

Oh my goodness NIkki, he is just the cutest thing! He's going to love "pretty" school. By the end of next week he'll be running FROM you instead of TO you when you get there!

Justine :o )

Val said...

How sweet! Nova's so lucky you're recording memories like this for him, and you and Kevin will be so grateful you did too. :) I'm glad he had a good first day and that you survived, as well. ;)

Shan said...


Oh my, what memories your little one going to "pretty school" brings back for me!

Our youngest just left for College...sigh. But I remember his first day of was traumatic. You see, a little red-headed, mary-jane wearing gal gave him a big kiss right on the lips...he was so shocked by it that he spent the rest of the day on a naptime mat! That must have been some kiss, let me tell you! Of course, now he would love a great big kiss from a red-headed gal!

Thank you for your blog, it blesses my day each time I read it.

Yours kindredly
Honey Hill Farm

P.S. Stop by my blog and say hello if you ever have time:

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I have watched this like three times already! It's just too cute!!
I remember leaving my boys at "pretty school". Brad especially had a hard time, and look at how social he is now!! :)

{oc cottage} said...

How cute!!!

M ^..^

Jaede said...

Nova is so cute !!!

Anonymous said...

Nikki.....he's all grown up, how sweet....Pretty School, I love it!! How's he liking it so far? I need to call you and chat, it's been soooooo long since i've talke to you.

Lallee said...

Nikki, I'm laughing and crying all at the same time thinking of Nova at his first day at 'pretty school'. And you dropping him off.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I can't believe he is already going to "school!!" He is so cute! Looks like a nice school too!