Monday, August 11, 2008

I've been tagged!

Donna over at My Big Mouth has tagged me! I'm to tell 6 things that y'all probably don't know about me.... so here goes...

1. I HATE beans. I can do green beans. I'll eat a bowl of chili but leave all the beans in the bottom. I can handle re fried beans if they're totally camouflaged with guacamole, sour cream and salsa.
2. I've been getting laser hair removal on my bikini line and underarms. Woohoo! Can't wait till it's GONE.
3. Kevin was a groomsman in my FIRST wedding. We actually couldn't stand each other at the time.
4. I like to target shoot with my bow and guns, tho I haven't shot my bow in years. (Kevin is an awesome shot at skeet!) My target must be standing still on the ground.
5. I like to pinch people with my toes. This freaks Kevin out. Learned from my dad!
6. I have really short arms. Dress code at one of my salons was that we could wear shorts but they couldn't be any shorter than our fingertips with our arms hanging straight at our sides. Well, my fingertips barely come to the bottom of my butt cheeks, so I could've worn some pretty skimpy Daisy Dukes! Hmm... maybe I'm just long in the torso!

Ok, so that's it in a nutshell. Shocked? Yah, I know... big whoop... lol!
I tag whoever wants to play, as I've seen this going around quite a bit!

Thanks Donna!


Traci @ The Bakery said...

Yep, that pinching with the toes is a GOOD THING....because it means you can pick things up off the floor w/ your toes. Every pregnant woman needs to master this technique!!! Do you ever get a cramp when you do it though.....OUCH!!!

Lallee said...

Now, I thought I knew a lot about you, but all of these are new! I can only shoot moving targets (used to hunt with hubby). So if I'm ever pointing a gun at you, be very still and you'll probably be safe. LOL. Of course I never would! I had a cousin who was a toe pincher!

Anonymous said...

Love the list Nikki!

We used to have shoots at the farm. Bunch of guys, beer and bbq!I am not a skeet shooter, although I used to target practice quite often in my younger days, it was always a stationary target.

Susan said...

Nikki, what an interesting list. I can pick things up with my toes, but never tried pinching. I've only shot a gun twice before, but I want to learn to be better. I don't know how that will work with these crazy glasses.

Justine said...

If I ever get the money for laser hair removal and I do the "bikini" area, I'm going full Brazillian baby!!!!!!!!! Take it all off!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did you and Kevin used to hate each other?

Justine :o )

blessings said...

I do the picking up stuff with my toes all the time - got it from my mom. But, oddly, I hate feet! Ok, it's a little wierd that you husband was a groomsman in your first wedding. But my husband was my best friends bother's friend and we heard about each other all our lives - but never met until we were nearly 30. Fell in love immediately! Wierd's good. Anyhow, about the Time Warp - isn't that great?! I knew you'd love it. I definitely want to see the hairdo how-to! Blessings...Polly

That Crazy Ajumma said...

Lol Nikki...great fun!
The toe thing,my hubby can do it too.
And the lazer hair removal,is that painful at all?
If I ever had it done,I'm with justine lol!!

Rue said...

Hi Nikki :)

I can pinch with my toes too LOL

Great meme. I now know more than I would have ever asked, but would have wondered about ;)

Yes , it was a frosty and no I didn't get one :(

No updates on the house and I don't think we could afford to build it and live somewhere else.


Life on the Edge said...

This was fun! I would never have guessed that you hate beans! I love them and its hard for me to imagine anyone hating baked beans as I used to think they were food of the gods, and when you're a kid, they are fun because they make you fart. lol

I am with Justine on wanting to know more about how you didn't used to like Kevin and how the two of you became a couple!