Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More on Time Warp Wives...

I found another link about the Time Warp Wives. This tells a bit about each of them. When I read this I assumed the media had probably sugar coated and twisted everything to be more of what *they* wanted.... and boy was I right. You can view more clips and perhaps the entire show here, depending on your browser.

I've read on one of my message boards that the three ladies are rather disapointed in how the program has gone so far. Leaving out things that they had taped, writing things that they never said, etc. I also read that they are not getting paid for the program.

This is quoted from the lovely Diane (the 30's wife),
"I think I speak for myself ,Joanne & Debbie when I say the newspaper article was complete fiction! Not a word any of said was used ,As for the documentry!!!!!All I can say is EDITED made us look complete nutters,I personally work full time,yes FULL TIME with modern people many of whom I consider dear friends(Shock horror modern people!!!!)"
Her "husband" from the show, (IRL they are not married, but have been together for 10 years), is quite upset about how they are being portrayed.
I quote him as saying,
"Diane went into this "Programme" in an effort to portray re-enactors as normal, intelligent, artistic, everyday people and has come out not only criticised by the press, but also by the "fellow" re-enactors/vintage people who have chosen to attack her "performance"."

One gentlemen said that having met two of the women in it, he felt it did not really capture the essence of what they do, who they are and their personalities. He thought editing made them out to be against modern life, modern ideals etc.

It's really a shame that they can't capture this hobby, or way of life in a true light.

I thought JoAnne (the 50's wife) looked awefully familiar! She is actually Miss Lola Lamour, you can veiw her MySpace page here. She is an incredible singer, you simply must click on her videos! I've seen other pinup type shots of her as well, just gorgeous. So, she too does have a "job" outside the home. She don't just scrub floors all day or fuss over her husband's every whim. Here's a clip from that link I gave you in the first paragraph. I ADORE her green frock and dressing room here.... and this really makes me want to perm my hair!!

All I can say is that I too dream of simpler days, but oh how I LOVE my computer. I was hoping a show like this would enlighten y'all as to how we vintage folk really are...we're really not goofballs.


Anonymous said...

Having been a journalism student, and given what I read in foreign papers that NEVER makes it into our papers here in America, you can NEVER trust American media at ANY level.

Unknown said...

Yikes... Sounds like you can't trust the old BBC....

Any way I thought it was a very fun concept and I didn't see them as nuts or anything like that... I think that it would be a fun experiment... Didn't our PBS do something kind of like this with Pioneers for a year?

I thought the 50's gal was very cute!

Justine said...

I haven't looked at the video yet, but don't you dare perm that gorgeous hair!!!!!!!!!!

Justine :o )

Life on the Edge said...

I had never heard of that show! Your post about this 50s lady is great! She looks like so much fun and I love her hair and makeup! Too bad TV had to change things around so much.


Decor To Adore said...

Oh she is wonderful! I just adore her dressing table of jewels.

Rue said...

Hi Nikki :)

Although they didn't portray the women truthfully, I love the clip and the article. I feel the same way they do about the roles men and woman should play. I don't like to talk about it too much because most people think it's odd. In my oppinion, men are men and woman are ladies unless in the you know where ;)

Great post!

Jaede said...

I also did'nt see them as nuts, I thought they all looked fab and I'll bet they are great fun to be with.