Sunday, September 06, 2009

Welcome to the Gone With the Wind Ball!

Warning: My posts can be very "windy".... this one is especially long but I assure you I could go on forever! Much of my collection has been packed up or on the back burner for years, so I am thrilled to be getting everything out!
Thank you for attending, I'm so glad you are here!
Our dear Margaret Mitchell had no idea she would create such a stir with her incredible talent. We are celebrating 70 years of the film Gone With the Wind (1939), but the book was published in 1936.

If you have not read the book, you simply must. You don't know what you are missing. So much that they could never fit into a movie, and they tried their hardest!
We took a GWTW southern vacation before Nova was born. We visited the Margaret Mitchell House, the GWTW museum in Marietta, and the Road to Tara museum in Jonesburo.

It was SO amazing to stand in the same room that Margaret created the novel in. She sat in the corner by the windows. None of the furniture is orginal though.

While there I also got to see the front door from Tara, and the actual painting of Scarlett from Rhett's bedroom. This brought tears to my eyes. And for a long time, it had hung in an elementary school and has a lot of damage from kids poking holes in it, etc. WAHHHH!!!

Scarlett in the real portrait gown
In Marietta, one of the actual film gowns was displayed. I tell you, I was in heaven on this trip. It was the honeymoon/shopping spree outfit. Just phenomenal. So tiny, and such detail. The sleeves were amazing.

Margaret herself said that the film had the PERFECT cast. I love these photos of Margaret and Vivien Leigh~ both avid cat lovers. Just like Scarlett, Vivien was from French descent. Viv was so passionate about wanting to play Scarlett and it was an absolute miracle that she was discovered for the role.

I had to include a photo of Clark Gable without his mustache. Be still my heart...

I've been hard at work getting things ready for the Ball. Our home is 100+ years old and we have been working on it for 6 years. This is our stairway. We only recently took down the safety gate for our son. There is still much to do in this area. No trim around the windows but I just had to dress them up for the occasion!
I found the sage velvet drapery panels for $10 each. Here is Katie (Katie Scarlett), overseeing my progress...

I am the queen of cheap and when I saw this trim at a fabric store that was closing, I waited until the price dropped very low! It was originally $11.99/yard and I got it for $22 for 25 yards! It was fun to "pet" the whole bolt, so soft!
I just swagged the panels over the rod. I attached the fringe trim with safety pins. Yes, that's what I said.... it's just pinned on!

I went ahead and pulled the drapes to the side because I couldn't stand how dark the hall looked with them down. But I wanted to have something on the windows to protect my framed art.

These botanical prints are coming down.........
And my Walter Plunket costume sketches are going up!
These are each personally signed by Plunket, who designed the costumes for the film. He put out a 1000 copies~ my set is number 226. It is one of my most prized gwtw memoralbia. You can still find them sold separately, for around $125 or so each.
His work is amazing. He did a version of the velvet party gown in green as well, as it was described in the book.
There was another version to the drapery dress too, but it was deemed to exspensive to make.
There were also other variations of the BBQ gown... but this one won out. I'm so glad!
Now let's see.... whatever shall I wear for the BALL?
I've always dreamed of having a wardrobe like Scarlett....

And slowly, my dream is coming true! Let's go in for a closer look~
The drapery dress? Naw... much too bulky.
The blue mill bustle gown? Uh-uh. Too constricting.
And naturally I can't wear a red robe to a ball either!
(God's Nightgown!!)
White ruffles? Hmmm... too frilly.
Ahhh, the blue portrait gown. Nope, too heavy.
The jewel encrusted velvet?? My heavens NO!
Only a jezebel would wear such a thing!
Green sprigged frock? YES, just right!

Mammy, be a "doll" and help me put on my dress~

I just took this Timeless Treasures Scarlett Barbie out of her NRFB state yesterday. What fun! Mammy is a World doll, they were sold in Cracker Barrel restaurants for the 50th Anniversary.

I had better get into my corset first~ custom made by Christine Hall.

corset side


This dress is actually a work in progress. The skirt is replica fabric from Pegee of Williamsburg and cost around $600 for the bolt, all of which is needed for the gown. I bought the dress pre-made from my friend Dee of Scarlett Online. She had had the dress made for herself many years ago and the seamtress butchered the fabric and made a very ill fitting garment for Dee. She wanted to have another gown made by a new seamstress, so I took on the task of fixing the frock for myself. I will have to make new ruffles for the neckline, the original gown from the film had over 1,000 buttonholes for the velvet to weave through! ACK!

Dee then found *the* GWTW seamstress extraordinaire and is very happy. If you want a screen accurate, museum quality garment, please visit GWTW4Ever, she does phenomenal work and is a long time gwtw collector.

So, for this picture I am actually wearing the Pegee fabric skirt with the top from this "naughty Scarlett" costume, LOL!

Most of my gowns need some sort of revamping. I need to find about 50 yards of lace to add to the ruffle gown. I have fabric stashed for the paisly robe and calico war dress. I need to finish the velvet party gown and the blue mill. All of these will be blogged about over the next several months! Christine Hall is making the green Christmas dress for me, which we put on hold for now. I have been learning how to sew and I'm anxious to tackle those BBQ buttonholes!

Scarlett wore 35+ costumes in the film. When the Franklin Mint came out with the 16" vinyl Scarlett doll years ago, I had to have her and all of her clothes. Some of the outfits I had made by Alana, as the mint didn't offer them at that time. Such as the wedding gown and the shanty dress; both of which the mint put out later.

Then in recent years, Tonner has come out with a GWTW line as well. Of course I had to buy one of their Scarletts! She can wear most of the mint's clothes and they have put out a fine wardrobe too.

The Franklin Mint Scarlett doll case was fashioned after the hat box that Rhett brings from Paris.
Compare with movie hatbox

Here is Melly, (Melanie), laying on the bed while I took all of the ensembles out of their boxes and put them in the doll cases. (I have Rhett and Rose from Titanic too.) I don't even think Melly was full grown here. She has been doing fine, BTW. Still on the special cat food diet.

Copy of june 026

OY! This was before we redid the bedroom. I hated that Cookie Monster blue carpet!

june 027

Here's a collage of some of my dolls and the intricate little dresses~
click to enlarge, then click the back button

This is a 21" Madame Alexander Cissy doll, dressed in the red staircase robe made by Alana. She needs a new wig. I have the wig from the plaid mill dress, but not the dress. HPIM1544

I think I had better stop there, whew!

Here's a few links before I sign off. I run two yahoo groups if you are interested in learning more about the costumes or dolls, Gone With the Wind Garments and Scarlett O'Hara Vinyl Portrait. If you'd like to see more of my collection or better photos, click here. The tags at the end of this post will direct you to other gwtw posts here at The Scarlett Rose Garden.

Remember, I'm having a GWTW give away! So please leave a comment so your name can go in the drawing.

All of the GWTW Blogland Ball participants are below and in my sidebar, be sure to waltz on over and see them all! We are so glad you came!

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Unknown said...

The Party's on! Love your collection of GWTW memorabilia! Those costume illustrations are to die for. This was such a good idea. Glad you thought of it! :)


PS I'm also glad that Miss Melly is doing well. :) Your home is coming right along! Looks great!

Tara said...

I cannot believe your extensive collection! I am most envious of your Scarlett wardrobe. What fun to be able to play dress up in them! I've always thought those Walter Plunket sketches were amazingly beautiful. What a fantastic thing to own, not to mention all the dolls and the trips to the museums. I think you are a true fan! Thanks so much for hosting, I looked forward to this for weeks and had so much fun!

Sirens Sexy said...

Wow so pretty. I would love to have a replica of the dress like you.

Donna said...

Thanks so much for hosting this great party. 70 years! Wow!

I have tried and tried to find out what happened to that portrait, and now I know. I will HAVE to go the the MM house to see that. Darn kids! :)

You have such a wonderful collection of GWTW stuff. I'm so jealous of your wardrobe. I've seen some of the pics where you are modeling them. So cute.

Thanks again.

Bearly Sane said... collection was purely picture but to have those wonderful framed Plunket sketches would be wonderful ... you are a lucky girl obviously a real keen fan!
Warmest Hugs,

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Thank you for hosting such a fun event Nikki! It was fun to see all your FABULOUS GWTW treasures, you have so many girl!

Please enter me in your giveaway!

Hugs, Sherry

Jorgelina said...

Hi Nikki!
That fantastic party1
You have such a wonderful collection.
I am very happy for participating.
My mother adored the film and to Scarlett.

In my blog I have translator.

Rue said...

I'm late!! I'm so sorry Nikki!! I have the post up now....
Going to read yours now, but I just wanted to let you know.

Rue said...

You have no idea how jealous I am of your wardrobe. I tried to buy that costume I wore, but they wouldn't sell it to me... so not fair! Fantastic post Nikki Thank you for having the party :)

Now I'm off to visit everyone....


Debbie said...

WOW...what a beautiful collection you have!! I had no idea some of that stuff even existed...I really really love the Walter Plunket sketches. Where would one find one of those? What a wonderful idea this was. Thanks for inviting me!! Have a wonderful time..Debbie

Colleen said...

Nikki, I have been lost in your GWTW post for about a half hour! I can not express the wonder and excitement I have felt scrolling down through each and every fabulous picture. I feel like I must have been walking through the GWTW museum! Your pic in Scarlett's BBQ Dress is adorable, I am almost speechless! Although no one has ever accused me of that before!!! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to join in the fun and excitement of your ball. I will invite my Mother over to see it all!

Valerie said...

I knew you would have some spectacular things and you did not disappoint.

By the way, the other day, I recognized you at the Scarlett online in the reproduction segment - you should be in the look alike segment!

Was actually wondering how everyone was fitting those dresses in their closet - your wardrobe and the way you store it is wonderful.

Love the info from the tour of Margaret Mitchell's home. Every GWTW fan should read her biography - a talented and independent woman much like Scarlett.

The dolls are so beautiful and such detail on their costumes.

Cute kitties with great names.

Thank you for all the info links and most certainly for hosting this wonderful blog party.

A Southern Rose said...

Thank you Nikki for inviting me to your GWTW ball. It was so much fun. I love all of your collections. Your costumes are gorgeous! Your costume prints are unbelievable! I love them! I love your curtains too! Your home is so beautiful!

Lee Laurie

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Nikki! What a beautiful post! Love all your dolls, and the mosaic you put together. I was hoping to put one of those together myself, but never quite made the time to.. I LOVE your drapes, and have thought of doing those same ones myself! I still may, "one of these days"! That's really great that you found the trim for such a nice price! Good for you!! Can't wait to blog hop around to see everyone else at "the ball"! Thank you for hosting such a fun event! I'm thinking MAYBE you might host ANOTHER one just like it someday??.. you think maybe??.. pretty please? (0; Please do keep in touch! I know I plan to do the same! Hope you're enjoying The Ball, and your holiday weekend! ~tina

Unknown said...

You look lovely, dear! I am joining a local Victorian society but I've come to realize I'm going to have to sew whatever I want to wear. Yikes. I just re-watched the Titanic the other day. In the scene where Ruth comes in and helps Rose with her corset as she tells her never to see Jack again, it looks like that corset comes pretty far down her thighs. I did not know they came that long.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you really are a fan!

Great Ball! I've enjoyed all those that I've managed to visit!

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

OMG, you are truly a GWTW personna! What an absolutely fabulous collection you have!!!

In addition to wanting all of Scarlett's gowns in miniature I had thought about creating Tara in miniature but that would be such an undertaking so on my list is to recreate one room of it . . . . if I'll ever get around to it, who knows, I'll think about that tomorrow!

I am finally dressed for the ball! Sorry I was not ready when you visited earlier!


Anonymous said...

I just love your Plunket drawings. I love the way you have displayed them. I'm pea green with envy over your collection. You have thrown a grand party!

Hugs Ashley

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Nikki, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all this, it's very interesting! Everything is so pretty! You are perfect in that barbeque dress! Our own little Scarlett!!

It was worth staying up late to post this! Thanks for hosting a fun party!


Jeni said...

I live in McDonough, Georgia...just four exits south of Jonesboro. We have been stationed here for 3 years and I have not made it to the museum yet....I will though. I want to go see the movie when they replay at the Fox Theater...I love it too. I always thing life was so neat back in the days when the movie first came out...I have read that book Ya Ya sisterhood or something like that which paints such a neat picture of those days. Thanks for this reminder today!

Mumzie said...

Oh, I so love this movie! Your collection is outstanding. Be still my heart, that photo of Clark Gable is too much. Love your BBQ gown and thanks for sharing. Mumzie

Sometimes It's Good said...

Wonderful post! It's so fun to see your collecitons! They don't make 'em like Gable anymore either.

Miss Janice said...

Love your post and those sketches are awesome...just beautiful. I adore all of your GWTW collection. It's simply the best movie ever!

Amber said...

Lord I'd die to have one of those staircase robes! It's so gorgeous. Wearing it just for the evening would make the whole day seem more luxurious, don't you think?

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

A ball, oh my gosh, whats a farm chick to wear? What fun and what a collection you have. I'm impressed and let me tell you it takes a lot to impress this gal. Have a fun Labor Day and God bless!!!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I love it, Nikki! Wonderful post!!

Colleen said...

Nikki, I have been so inspired by all the rage about the ball! Now I have added to my post. I have found Scarlette in her green dress and straw hat ( Madame Alexander bride doll in a dress I made when Allison got her doll from Santa in 1989 she was 10) The 20" bride doll is mine that I got from Santa when I was 10 yrs old. She is almost 50 yr old as I will be 60 in Octobear. I made her a new wedding gown and veil this year. The tole painted ladies at the fence is titled "Gossip". I painted that in 1987. I think surely they are gossiping about Scarlett O'Hara having BBQ with all their beaus!

The Vintage Vagablonde said...

Unbelievable....that collection is amazing. You do Live and Love....Gone with the wind!

My post will be a bit late....Monday evening~trying to finish up my bedroom mess.

Can't wait to visit everyone else tonight too :)

~Jonna~ said...

Hey Sis!

Great Party! I need to come see the new pics on the stair case wall...better than the ol' flower pics!!


Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

Hi Nikki,

I finally got my post up!!!

WOW you are a serious GWTW collector.... I want to come round and play with all your Scarlett dolls!

Victoria xx

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Nikki, thanks so much for this fantastic party! You are such a wealth of information about GWTW and all its great costuming! I soooo love your Walter Plunkett sketches and how you have displayed them. That curtain that you fashioned is right on!! Perfect. You look like a doll in your BBQ dress. I know that you have so many more GWTW items, I think you should definitely do another post soon showing more! I'd have a blast going thru your wardrobe!

BTW, so glad that Miss Melly is doing better now ~ our Muffin is also on perscription cat food for his kidneys, too.

Fiddle Dee Dee,
Angelic Accents

Suzy said...

Wow, a wonderful GWTW post. Thanks for letting me join in. I never thought about it, but I shoulod have posted my prom dress from the 80's which I made from a pair of time!

Kristin said...

::jumps for joy:: YAY!!! Im so excited about this post (I just discovered your blog)...Im originally from Georgia..and I grew up on GWTW...I adore Scarlett..and your post has just made me the happiest girl..Im going to go watch my GWTW dvds now..hehe

ps:BEAUTIFUL picture of you in the white/green look stunning..:D

Harbor Hon said...

You remind me so much of Scarlett it's unreal. Love your wardrobe and you look simply stunning in the green sprigged frock. Thanks for sharing your GWTW ball with us. It's been just lovely. xxoo

Diva Kreszl said...

Absolutely one of my all time favorite movies! I too remember watching it each year when it came on TV as a young's amazing the impact that movie has had on so many!

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Your Gone with the Wind collection is truly amazing .The dresses are beautiful. You make a lovely Scarlett. Thanks for hosting the Ball, I have enjoyed myself. 8-)

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I'm amazed by all of your wonderful GWTW collectibles! Really love the signed Plunket sketches on your wall.

You're right about the novel. So many people have seen the movie and loved it but have never read the book. Maybe they think because it's old and has a lot of pages it might be stuffy or hard to read or something? It's not, though! I can open it to any page and fall right into it again. All these years later, it's still a page-turner.

Thanks for hosting this fabulous ball!!! :-)

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

This has been one of my favorite movies for a long time!
What a fun party!

~ Dee ~ said...

Loved reading all of this. Boy you "windies" are a little off hehehe Hugs Nik

Tiffany said...

You've outdone your self! What beautiful costumes! And the original drawings...I'm so jealous! I'm sorry I'm fashionably late for the ball, but my post is up and I hope you will come by for a quick visit:) This was alot of fun! Thanks for being such a gracious hostess!

Raphael said...

Boots here Nikki! Oh I wasn't able to make it -- time zone difference being in the Philippines. But I do LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photos posted! Thank you for this. Gone with the Wind is never gone -- here. = )

Teacup Mosaics said...

Oh I'm late but oh so better late than... Your post is wonderful, I love the history and the gowns they are BEAUTIFUL! Oh so dreamy. Lovely party thanks for hosting.

Summer Gypsy said...

Hi Nikki,
I finally made the round at the ball!!! Thanks for hosting! Your party was divine!

Jaede said...

Absolutely stunning !!! Made me want to see the movie again. I love your dolls and costumes .

Justine said...

Ooh, this was so fun, Nikki! I loved looked at all of your dresses and other collectibles. I think the pictures at the top of the stairs are my favorite and I just love the placement of them!

Justine :o 0

Blasé said...

WOW, I just don't know what to say! Windy, perhaps!?!

One Shabby Old House said...

Omgosh this looks like fun but I haven't a thing to wear:<

The Vintage Vagablonde said...

I finally got my real post camera is giving me fits. Time for a new one I guess.

Now I can visit the other gals and let them know too.

Have a wonderful week :) said...

oh my goodness, I am stunned and in total awe of your draperies, prints, costumes and collections........ and pea green with envy Ms Scarlett!!! Rachaelxo

Christie said...

Hey Nikki!
What fun your ball was.... I enjoyed every inch of this post...I love all of your costumes and your cute commentary made for such fun reading! I am glad that your kitty is doing better too! I hope you have a great week!
Big Hugs,

Christie said...

P.S. By the looks of "Beautiful" you in that gorgeous dress...I think you probably turned every head in the room at that ball!

Decor To Adore said...

My daughter and I are both GWTW lovers. She has a first edition. I have never seen such an extensive collection as yours. It is absolutely wonderful.
I had never seen a picture of Clark without his mustache and whoa does my heart beat faster.
On a closing note I would SO make a dress from your drapes. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki! Darlin', you are Scarlet! What a beautiful collection of GWTW things you have. Those prints are gorgeous. Look at your pretty dresses! Oh, my goodness. You're just so beautiful!
Thank you so much for sharing in my joyness.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Ruth Ann said...

I must say that I love your blog and read it almost every day. Your life is so exciting. We are building a house copied from a plan from the 1700s. We've been at it for 9 years (while living here. It has been a labor of love with a few dirty words thrown in!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Nikki, I came over from Rue's blog, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your collection. I mentioned to her that my grandmother's cousin (albeit distant) was the book critic who gave the most favorable review of GWTW and ended up being very close to Margaret Mitchell. He lived in Connecticut and worked in NYC, but he was a Deep South southerner by birth. Turns out he was right about the book as millions of copies prove! :-)


Sheila :-)

Lallee said...

Nikki, you are the hands down DIVA of all things GWTW and Scarlet! Your wardrobe is amazing and you are so clever with redoing and making each costume just so. Not to mention how perfectly you can wear each of them. The garden dress was always my most favorite Scarlet dress. The Plunket prints look wonderful in your stairway. Perfect!

The Victorian Parlor said...

What a wonderful post! I love everything about the movie and the book was amazing! My favorite of all Scarlett's dresses is the BBQ dress. I have the pattern (got it from the museum gift shop when we visited the Marguaret Mitchell museum a few years ago) but have yet to make it. This was such fun! Thanks for hosting it!



Gloria said...

Oh, my! What a treat for a GWTW fan! I loved EVERYTHING you showed. You have WONDERFUL things! I only have the GWTW plates and the F.Mint doll, and the doll I have not looked at in YEARS. I didn't even know there were outfits for it! Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful things. Loved it all!
Best regards,

Lynnie Pourciau said...

i love all your gowns i only have 1 so far the bbq dress working on getting a few more where do u wear them 2 im having the portrit dress made now for pictures and hope to one day have the whole collection. how did u talk ur husband into letting u get so many?? im soo jelous.