Friday, May 02, 2008

I'll think about that tomorrow.....

I just cannot grasp this blogging thing. I haven't the time to mess with it and I've had this account since 06~
One day I shall figure it out. I know I'm missing out on the fun.


Rue said...

Hi Nikki!

Thank you so much for coming by! Pat is a sweetheart isn't she? :)

I will have to go out and get "The Love Story Behind Gone With the Wind"! It sounds wonderful!

I'm a Titanic freak too ;) You're the only one that has ever noticed that the dress resembled it! Are you sure we weren't separated at birth? LOL

Off to go look at those pics...

rue :)

Rue said...

Okay... first of all YOU are gorgeous! It's amazing to me that you can look like scarlett and then be a twin to Rose! Your costumes are fantasic! Do you make them?

The staircase does look like mine from what I can see, but sadly my home is not old like yours. LUCKY woman! I am going to have to set aside a whole day to drool over those pictures :)

I hope you do work on a blog. If I can do it, you can for sure ;)

I'm so glad that Pat "introduced" us!

rue :)

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Howdy Rue! Thank you for the sweet comments!
Your home may not be old, but it's wonderfully built for a modern home. I think your staircase would surely pass for period if one didn't know better.
I tell you tho, some days in this ol' house of mine I pine for a new home! I come back to my "nostalgic senses" tho!
I'm very pleased that Pat introduced us as well.
Many of my costumes I try to make out of other dresses that just resemble the real one. I've never sewn from a pattern, but it's on my list.
Christine makes most of my things. She is wonderful, lives in Seattle. I round up the supplies, tell her exactly what I want, and she does it.

I'll try to work on this blog thing. Don't hold your breath tho, lol!
Have a great Sunday,

Rue said...

No posts yet?? How am I supposed to drool over my new best friends blog, if she hasn't posted? LOL

Thank you for the comment on the post about Rich's job. He loves reading all the nice comments and it gives him a lot of joy to know that there are those that still support them.


Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

*snort*! Oh Rue, too funny!
I'll see what I can come up with!
And you're very welcome for the military comments. I have serveral family members who have been or are going to go overseas. My baby bro who is 22 will be going in Jan. and they just had a baby. Very stressful, but I know he wouldn't take back entering the military for anything.

Rue said...

Great balls of fire! I don't come over here for a couple days and wham! posts a plenty :)

God Bless him and his new family. I will pray for him to have a safe journey.


Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Heeee! Careful what you wish for! And thanks Rue!