Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tales of a shoe hoarder...Episode Two

Well folks, ,while I'm on the subject of Jake and Mandi's wedding, I'll talk about the shoes I wore that day. Navy blue T-straps, in a rather 30's-40's retro style. I bought these on ebay to go with my vintage dress, also found on the 'bay.
The dress is a frock from the 30's. It's made of rayon crepe. (Remeber, today's rayon is nothing like that of yesteryear!) It closes at the side with about 20 hook-and-eyes, and ties behind the back. The lace is just gorgeous. I paid around $15 for this beauty! I'm wearing a vintage brooch at the center, my Grandma's pearls~ and carried her "pearl" beaded handbag. Oh, and fishnet stockings!I wore these shoes ALL DAY. I did the bridal party's hair before the wedding... I was sick as a dog and could hardly speak, thus I really don't wanna show any head shots. Ran around doing last minute things when I got to the reception, then I danced all night! For as high as these heels were, they really weren't too bad.

Here they are in red, wouldn't they be cute too!

I also wore these navy shoes ALL DAY to my home town's Sesquicentennial Celebration. I was to dress in the period of the 1850's, and Scarlett's blue velvet "Portrait Gown" from Gone With the Wind was as close to accurate as I had. I have to wear high heels as this dress is too long for me, even with the hoop. Here is a photo of our group, "150 years ago"~ my mom is on my left. Click on the photo to see details.

Psst... I'm also corseted! But that's for another post in the future!

And here is Scarlett in the "portrait", of course!


Life on the Edge said...

Those shoes and that vintage dress are awesome! And you can be sure that no one will have an outfit just like it!

That is a great costume of Scarlett's dress! That must be a lot of fun recreating dresses from movies!

Jaede said...

Yeah, more shoes. And your frocks are just beautiful.

Rue said...

Good morning Nikki :)

I feel like I've been gone forever LOL

You know I love the portrait dress, but that frock you wore to the wedding is precious and those shoes! LOVE them :)

off to