Friday, July 18, 2008

Route 66 in MO

While driving on to Branson, we drove down part of the old Route 66. Here is Devil's Elbow.

This shows the old road. It really is a shame the main highways bypass all this great scenery.

We then stopped at Kevin's favorite catfish restaurant, Gary Dowd's. All you can eat. The fish IS excellent. They used to serve a green tomato relish as a side, it was very good with sweet pickles and such in it. But I overheard the waitress telling someone that the company they bought it from quit making it. How hard could it be to make it themselves? Maybe they've got someone on that...because the fried okra didn't do it for me!
Now this photo was taken back in February, we were coming home from an Anniversary trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This is one of those "had to be there" moments. We don't know what these long hushpuppy looking things are, but they aren't hushpuppies. And they aren't very good. So we began playing with our food. Immature I know, but we had fun! They do serve regular hushpuppies btw. Hey, there's some of that green tomato relish in that little bowl!
Our all you can eat catfish dinner at Kevin's favorite place, Gary's in Lebanon, MO
How poplular is Dowd's? Take a look! Maybe you can make your mark there some day!


PAT said...

I am tellin' ya Nikki, you passed right through some of my old stompin' grounds! I was born and lived in Lebanon most of my growing up years. We have eaten at Dowd's many times. My family settled there in the 19th century. I keep in touch with old high school friends who still live in Lebanon. We've even looked at houses to buy there.

Here's another little secret. Go to the Library on Jefferson, in Lebanon. There is a Route 66 museum there, that is pretty darn nifty too. Been there?

J and I have taken old 66 a few times, between St Clair and Springfield. I'd love to travel the old road all the way through, just to see if we can find it. When I was 14 we came back to MO from California on Route 66, when it was still a bustling highway.

Great post...what a surprise to see the sign at Dowd's!

Have a great weekend.

Life on the Edge said...

How pretty some of that scenery is! And that restaurant looks like it is a lot of fun. Very unique!

When you were playing with your food, did you add a ring to that "hushpuppy" to make it look like a finger? roflmao...too funny.


Jaede said...

Mmmm, catfish, I'm getting hungry, looks fab. We drive Route 66 when ever we can and stop at all the old and forgotten places. The highways are so boring and none of that beautiful scenery.

Rue said...

Can you believe I've never been on that road? I think we'll have to do that sometime :)

Love the bloody finger hehhehehehe.....

The Vintage Housewife... said...

ooh weee lil' gal...Branson!! i have been wanting to move there ... daddy-0 and i have been visiting for 4 years the beauty you showed in the pictures...thanks cat