Friday, June 27, 2008


Hi folks~ just wanted to leat you know I'm not ignoring y'all, just been busy! Kevin turns 40 tomorrow! I"ve been cooking and cleaning, getting ready for company. Hard to do with a torn up bathroom, amongst other projects!

I made pulled pork. Normal recipes call for a shoulder roast or butt roast. But I don't like paying for fat and bones, so I chose two 5 pound pork tenderloins. Besides, they're core!

I pre-heated the oven for 500 degrees. I put the loins in a big roasting pan with a 12 oz. bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce. Then added two chopped onions, 4 cloves garlic, parsley, garlic salt, pepper, Mrs. Dash, and some specialty bbq seasoning we had on hand. Covered and put in oven, then lowered temperature to 250 degrees. Baked for about 7 hours.

Removed from oven, ladled out sauce into sauce pan on stove to reduce. Removed fatty fat from on top of loins. Shredded meat with fork. Mmmm... tender! (You'll see I had a bowl for the fat, and a plate for tasting, lol!) Poured sauce back on and will put in crock pot on low to serve tomorrow!

I'll try to catch up with you all as soon as I can! Have a great weekend!


PAT said...

Nikki, I'm going to try this! It looks wonderful.

Happy Birthday to Kevin!

Have a great weekend.

Mary said...

Nikki, that looks delicious. Tell Kevin Happy Birthday and I hope you all have a wonderful time!

Rue said...

Hi Nikki :)

Happy Birthday to your hubby!!

That looks so good! I'm going to make this next week for sure ...YUM!


Heather said...

This looks sooooooooo good! I am going to have to try it! Do you think I could make it in time for Kevin's party if I left right now? LOL!!!!
Tell your sweet hubby I said Happy Birthday!!!!
Enjoy the party sweetie! Have a great weekend
-Heather :)

Jaede said...

This looks so good, I know Mike will want it so I guess I'll be making it in the near future. Happy Birthday to Kevin.

Life on the Edge said...

Yum, this looks really good! I have never tried to make pulled pork, but maybe I should give it a try. Congrats on your husband's 40th birthday!



Sounds and looks yummy! I love doing this with my leftover pork roast, I usually buy a larger one than we need and then have pulled pork sandwiches the next night. Delicious!!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I can almost smell and taste it! Looks yummy!

"She's pretty, and she can cook too!!!"


. said...

Looks deelish and what a great way to make it. My mom always baked hers in the oven.

Happy birthday to Kevin!
My darling dear's 45th birthday was yesterday but we're postponing the festivities until our son gets in from NY tomorrow night.