Monday, June 02, 2008

Potty break!!

I'm going to jump out of the home tour line up and and show y'all what we're up to right now. We are working on our downstairs bathroom. It's right off of the kitchen. I believe the kitchen used to be one huge room, and this was sectioned off as the home needed another powder room. Having a potty next to the kitchen isn't the most appealing~ but with an old home you have to take what you can get!

Here are some photos from when we moved in. I hated that fish border. Sorry Sebastian, it's NOT better "Under The Sea" and this border and tile have GOT to go! Nothing like getting that song stuck in your head every time you went in there~

Fish border from previous owners
Buh-bye fish border!!
Bah-bye fish border!!!


Got the border down and it looked SO much better already! Another issue is that the sink was butted up to the window, in which they "cut the trim to fit"... ugh. The sink should have been centered on that wall and it's been driving me crazy.

Here's a little video I took before we got too far along with the redo~
(I opened the medicine cabinet doors so you couldn't see me in the mirrors, *snort*)

My idea for the tile is to use epoxy tile paint. Then put up beadboard. Here's the paint~
Only trouble is, the humidity can't be too high or the finish won't be glossy. I really wanted to do this over Memorial weekend! But we've been getting so many storms the last few weeks! We got a good 5 inches the other night.
(It's hard to get our grass cut!)
(Hear the sirens?)

I'm not going to share which color I decided on. You'll have to come back and see! I would like to be finished within a few weeks, and I hope you like the results!
Today I'm quite frustrated with painting issues, but I'll go more into that later...


Rhondi said...

Hi Nikki
I will watch your bathroom redo with interest. Our bathrooms are both very outdated,from the 70s and have tile going up 3/4 of the wall which makes them have a hospital feel to me. I can't afford to tear it all out but maybe some of that product you showed might help.
By the way the photo on the side is just right.
Hope you have a great day.
Hugs, Rhondi

Rue said...

Can you paint a fiberglass tub with that? We need to spray the kids bathtub with something because it's discolored. How about the porcelain tub in the farmhouse?

You have a big job ahead of you! That border was scary... yikes! LOL


Jaede said...

Oh yes, way too many fish!!! and thanks for getting the song stuck in my head....hehe........ I'm waiting to see how the tile comes out, may be it's something that will work for us.

bj said...

I am about to have a run-away to see how this paint works. I will keep watching...I do love your blog!
hugs, bj

Christie said...

I am looking forward to the big reveal on this's amazing how much you have done already....I know it's gonna be so pretty in pink!
Big hug!