Sunday, June 22, 2008

A teasing glimpse of our new house color, and.............

The front porch floor paint! I cannot tell you how much I ADORE this color. It's called Storm Shadow from Walmart. We had used it on the porch of our last home as well. I love how it looks blue or green depending on the light.

I hope we get these blue doors stripped soon!

I chose oil based high gloss this time and I'm just so happy with how it turned out! We were trying to get the last of it finished up last night when a jogger went by. She asked how much I had the house listed for!! I said it's not listed! (We have a sign in our yard advertising the painting company that did our house.) She stopped and did a double take~

Wow, MY house being stalked for once, woohoo! That's a switch! She said how nice it was looking and I was quite flattered.
Just wait till we get the shutters up, that'll really knock the jogger's socks off!

I got another coat on most of it tonight. I can't wait to put the furniture, hanging baskets, and planters back up. I wish everything would've been done for the porch party!
Here's one of this year's mandevillas. It's really starting to climb now! Ignore all the weeds, we've been a little busy with other things! You can see the old porch floor color (and primed patches) here, Nostalgia Green from Behr.

BTW, this trellis is actually one of those cheap corner shelves. I had Kevin take the shelves off and I love how I can "mold" it around the pot. I bought a second one for my other mandevilla this year at Dollar General. Unfortunately it's not exactly the same... oh well~ once they're vined up you won't be able to tell!


Clare said...

I've so enjoyed seeing all the pictures of your house. You have such a sweet, charming, home-y place.

Jaede said...

The colour you chose is perfect.

linda t said...

What a clever, resourceful idea for your vines to climb up on!
I have passed up those corner shelves... dang, gotta find me another and repurpose as you did!
Love your home!

Lallee said...

I had the best time catching up on your blog. You have done a wonderful job telling the progress of your home. I looked on flickr and the new paint looks beautiful. I love the porch color you chose. And I can't wait to see the bathroom redo! I love how one of your cats manages so many photo ops. LOL


Unknown said...

The porch color is great. Your idea with the corner shelf is FANTASTIC! I just got rid of one in my garage sale. Boo! said...

that is a great porch color. My favorite paints are the ones that keep you guessing when the light changes.

Rue said...

You're so funny. I would have scared her off by yelling "It's MY house! Back away woman!!" LOL

The porch looks great! I love that color too :)

Life on the Edge said...

I really do love that color of paint on your porch. It reminds me of a stormy sky in the fall. It goes great with the new color of your house! Can't wait to see it all finished! You sure have been busy around the house!