Monday, June 30, 2008

Kevin's Day

Well folks, the birthday bash is over. Thing is, every year on Kevin's birthday weekend our town holds a street party. They block off the main street and have old cars, bands playing, and the local shops set up outside. So of course Kevin jokes that it's all in his honor. We live one street over from the main street where this takes place. Our street gets lined with parked cars. This is usually held on Saturday, then on Sunday we have a parade to kick off the county fair. I've got losts o' posting to do, whew!

First of all, we wanted to show off our new paint job on the house, and make sure it looked nice for all the traffic we'd be getting this past weekend!

Yah, I know... still no "big reveal", I'm holding out on ya's! :p

Here's how the pulled pork turned out. NOTE: after putting it in the crock pot to heat it up, it was still too runny for my taste. I ladled out all the liquid I could, then added more bbq sauce. THEN it was perfect, yum! I'm wondering if I should have taken the lid off the last hour or so of baking... that's what I do with brisket but I had never made pulled pork!


I had the idea to print out pictures of Kevin's 40 years to put on his wrapping paper. However, this idea didn't come to me until it was too late. I couldn't find all the photos I wanted, so most of them ended up being more recent...and few... as my ink was running out, lol!


I didn't bother with a fancy cake as I knew I was gonna load it up with candles! Besides, I made two pies. (you'll see those in the slideshow~in my haste I didn't get them sealed well...oops!)

Sure is bright, eh? Took two of us to light 'em all!


My brother picked out this Superman gift bag, heh-heh...


I got him Gordon Lightfood tickets. I felt bad... dejavu... as for his birthday last year I surprised him with a trip to Kansas City to see Gordon there. I actually had something else picked out for this year's gift, and my mom emailed me the news of GL tickets going on sale this week! We'll be going in October at the Fabulous Fox Theater. Kevin didn't mind two years in a row, (whew)...he's excited!

This played on the radio in my car one day almost 10 years ago. I had to pull over and bust out crying. Long story, but this is when I knew Kevin was "the one".

I also got him this~ He likes to grind his own spices, coffee, and make smoothies. The Magic Bullets are still too exspensive. Well, guess I hafta take this back and bite the Bullet because the booklet on this dinky one says do not use to blend liquids or ice! HUH??


I'll post more on the town party and parade soon! Here is a slideshow of Kevin's birthday. You'll see how *mature* he is at 40, and I think it's funny he wrote 40 on his cup instead of his name. Thank you so much for his birthday wishes, y'all are so nice!



Oh my gosh, thanks so much for the award, it will be my second one this month too!! I'm so excited. Looks like your husband Kevin had a wonderful b-day. Love the superman gift bag. Thanks for the visit and to answer your question about my red cabinet. I was just in the mood for some color, so cherry red it is!LOL. The drawer pulls are from an old desk I bought a while ago, I painted them white and the painting on the two doors, I did and then I added a rose applique to the center of it. I wanted it to look like a seperate piece of furniture, I still have some molding to put down each side and feet to add to it but I'm painted out for the moment!

Life on the Edge said...

Happy birthday to Kevin! I went through you slideshow on Flickr and it looks like everyone was having such a good time. You food looks so yummy, and I love that vintage table cloth.

Too bad there weren't more pictures of you in the slideshow.


Heather said...

What a great day! I am so sorry I didn't make it now- that food looks delicious! LOL!!!
Looks like he had a great day! How fun that your town does all of that! I always thought it would be so neat to live somewhere like that.
The peek of your house looks great but you are such a tease!!!
-Heather :)

Rue said...

Hello Miss Scarlett ;)

Oh yeah... we would totally be BFFs if you lived close by. I can tell from the pics LOL

I would love to reach through the computer screen and grab some of that pulled pork! yummy :)


Lallee said...

Belated Happy 40th to Kevin! I'm glad he liked his ticket pressy. Now I'm vaclempt listening to the Lightfood story and listening to the video. Sniff.