Friday, June 06, 2008

Goo Gone is the BOMB!

I was heating wax in the microwave today to arch my sister's eyebrows. Normally, I put it in for one minute but it usually isn't *quite* runny enough. So I left it in for 1 min. 20 seconds this time. I went to take it out and since it's kinda like honey you don't hafta be too careful. Well, it was overdone and soupy and I spilled it all over the place! Down my dress, (ACK!), on my counter, down the cabinet and hardware, and on the floor. What a mess!! WAX!! Ugh. Luckily I was not wearing a vintage dress, but it was a favorite denim jumper that I like to wear on lazy days. Oh, forgot to mention I burned my thumb in the process... And if you didn't know, this type of wax is incredibly sticky and stays tacky. Not at all like candle wax!
Here's my sister and her fiance~ isn't she pretty? They are planning a wedding for next June.
WELL~ I sprayed my dress good with Goo Gone, threw it in the washer with hot water and hoped for the best. Guess what, it all came out!! Woohoo! It also cleaned up the mess, along with some elbow grease of course.

Thank you Goo Gone!


PAT said...

I've never used Goo Gone. It sounds great. I think I'll have to pick up some!

I am anxiously awaiting photos and stories about your house painting!


Jaede said...

I always have this on hand for sticky messes it's great !!!

Rue said...

I love goo gone! Your sis is beautiful, just like you :)


Life on the Edge said...

I would never have thought you could use this on wax! I'll have to go get some. I bet it would work on removing tags from garage sale items!

Forget to tell you that I thought the pic of your cat watching the power washing was just precious! Can't wait to see how your house looks when they are all done painting! How exciting!

Anonymous said...

So did I give you permission to post my pic?? Just kidding. I realized today that you have u have too much time on your hands!! LOL! You should go back to school to do something with computers or something!! Love ya sis!