Monday, June 02, 2008

Like a moth to a flame...

Check out this beauty!! Kevin called me to come look at it the other night...WOW. It's HUGE. I love the *eyes* on his wings, and his big fat feathery antennae, (which means he's a HE). And those feet, whew! But I love his powdery irredesence best.
He was very cooperative and let me pet him. He had a soft furry body.

Click the photos to see more detail~
I did some research and was very disappointed in my findings. Apparently when this type of moth matures, it's mouth is too small to to able to eat. The lifespan for these beauties is only about a week. How sad is that? Now I feel even more fortunate that we were able to see him. Geesh, had I known that earlier I would've kept him! You can read about them here.


Rue said...

Those big moths scare me! Isn't that goofy?? I with I had the too small of a mouth issue LOL


Life on the Edge said...

This is an amazing bunch of pictures! How cool that you could actually pet it, wow!

I laughed so hard at your comment about the Stay Puft Marshmallow man leaving some "Puft" on my stove, roflmao! It does look like some Stay Puft Pooh! Wouldn't surprise kids are full of it sometimes!

PAT said...

Hi Nikki

I thought of you, when we passed through "Warntn", Monday. We had driven into Jonesburg to look at J's aunt's old house. She sold it about 25 years ago. We bought an antique chaise lounge and white drop leaf kitchen table at the auction. One of my daughters has them now. Anyway. The house is a Victorian farmhouse, in town. If we were younger, we'd be tempted to buy and restore it. It's for sale! Driving by Aunt V's house made me think of your farmhouse.

The moth is beautiful. I've seen those at the butterfly house, I believe. I had no idea about the lifespan!


Jaede said...

That moth is so beautiful, I also love the "eye's" on his wings. We seen to only get the small brown ones in Vegas

Anonymous said...

OH!! He is beautiful~ too bad he has such a a short life!

I googled yellow peonies~ they have them~ I am not sure they are rated for South Dakota~ but they are gorgeous! Very nice to meet you~ Sharon

La Tea Dah said...

Lovely post, Nikki. And great pictures. How sad that their lifespan is so short...

I hope your day is going well!