Friday, June 06, 2008

Tales of a shoe hoarder... Episode Three

Hello all! Today I'm going to share the pair of shoes that I wore to the Porch Party hosted by Rhondi at Rose Colored Glasses.

They are espdadrilles with navy and red stripes. I think I paid around $5 on ebay and they are Victoria's Secret brand. I love they way they go with this vintage 50's sailor style dress. I got that on the bay as well, under $15. Looks to be hand made, zips up the side. The original belt was missing so I just use red grossgrain ribbon. It is so fun to dress patriotic! The collar on this dress is so cute.Here are my earrings~ They are vintage and belonged to my Great Aunt Maudie. I have loved these since I was about 13~ the little red, white, and blue beads are too cute inside the heart.


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Cute shoes! And what a bargain! Your dress and earrings are perfect!
I'm going to have to check out ebay for clothes and shoes!

Mary said...

Nikki, you and my daughter would get along famously. She is also crazy about shoes. I am a little crazy about them myself. The espadrilles are adorable and look even cuter on your feet.

Life on the Edge said...

Those are so cool! I wish I could wear shoes with a nice tall heal like that, but I'm already tall and have an awkward tendency to twist my ankle. *sigh* Love your vintage clothes! You really do look like someone right out of the 40s.

Loved your comment on Rue's latest post. I like coming by your blog because you are so fun! You have a great eye for pretty things and you have the most awesome vintage dresses. You have an amazing sense of humor too! Plus I like hearing about how you are fixing up your home because I love older houses. Have a great day!

Life on Bonnie Lane

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Thank you ladies!
Kady how sweet of you to say that...Thank You... this made my day! (that and something else you'll see in another post soon, lol!)
I so enjoy your company as well and I have a few blogs I want to go back and read from the beginning, yours being one of them! You're a peach!

Jaede said...

Those espadrilles are fab, keep your wardrobe locked............hehe xxx

Rue said...

Good morning Nikki :)

The shoes, the dress, the earings...ALL perfect! Jaede is right, you better lock that wardrobe up ;)


Anonymous said...

You are gorgeous!!

Bridget said...

I love those shoes! What a great find and a super cute and patriotic outfit!